Evening Update

Still no good news on Gemini. However, it is only 7:15 here in Seattle and lots of day light left.   We have left out temptations along the fence line, figuring that she might smell them when she gets hungry (of course so will tons of other cats, but oh well).

We do want to thank everyone for your good wishes and for checking back.  You have no  idea how wonderful it is to know that the cat blogging community is so supportive.   Your purrs and purrayers are much appreciated.   We hope that the people who say she should be within a couple of houses are right. We worry because we think she got scared.  We think that early this morning she may have tried to use the hole in the screen  to come back in, but the door was closed, so when she pulled back out, she pulled the screen out and it fell on the chair behind her–but that would have scared her.  We have lots of wooded areas here so hopefully she didn’t need to run too far to hide.  We think it probably happened about 5:30 or 6 AM because that’s about the time that Cheysuli jumped on the bed and was particularly annoying (even for her) so I think she heard something. Also, Ben heard something about that time as well and saw Chey by the door and thought she had made the noise so he didn’t check further.

Gemini is also semi-feral.  She is the sweetest cat but not a lover and is so timid with people.   I saw a cat about a quarter of a mile away that may have been her mother–but that cat had a home and obviously hadn’t deposited her kittens near me.  Still Gemini was where I found her, so she is a wanderer!

She’s not a big eater or particularly fond of any food. Still I walked around with the treat jar and shook it and looked under everything I could.  We have walked through every back yard we’ve found someone at home at. We have signs up.  The local children are looking.  The signs all say she is timid.

I am hopeful that as the sun starts to set, she’ll decide to get more active and maybe wander around and nibble on the crunchies we have by our back door and I keep checking on.  I also have some treats out by the front door.  We have dirty socks by both doors and then I brushed Georgia and balled up her fur and put that outside too.  Georgia came out to help me look, but although she was great at helping me locate my wandering male cat when he wandered outside (a frequent happening and so much less of a scare), I think her mental facilities are too far gone for her to be much help at this point.

Thank you all again and let’s all hope that tomorrow morning (Seattle time) finds a good news post here!


  1. oh we are still praying very hard. Mommy is praying to St Anthony to help find her. Her eyes is leaking big time ’cause she can only imagine what you all are going through.

    Oh Gemini honey, please go somewhere where your mommy and daddy can find you and bring you home.

  2. we are sending many purrs and purrrayers to st francis that gemini comes home soon! we are so furry sorry that this has happened–hugs & nosekisses,

    the meowers (mom & dad, too)

  3. Thank you for the update – we’re very worried. We love our fluffy friend and want her home safely. Here’s what we would do if we were outside alone:
    Midnight – climb something high
    Grr – find food
    Cocoa – look for empty boxes or containers to hide in (and cry…but don’t tell anybody I said that)
    The Lady is praying and we haven’t stopped purring. Come home safely Gemini!

  4. Oah Dear God, Please let Gemini find the way home~!!!!!

  5. Oh Bonnie we are so very worried about Gemini!! I really hope she comes home soon! I know she is very attached to you so I’m sure she will start to miss you. The day Chase fell out of the window I expected him to be gone and he was terrified but the moment he saw me he practically lept into my arms but I did have to search in the woods to find him. I bet she’s just hiding under a tree or a rock or a shed until she gathers enough confidence to venture home. We’re all with you!!! Oh, and my first cat spent 1.5 weeks “out” until he just wandered up to the front door and cried to come inside. Gemini knows her home and she’ll be back!!


  6. Oh we’z been purraying furry hard fur Gemini to find her way home. We asked da one dat came afore to help and to send a guardian angel to keep her safe til she gets home.

  7. I came back to check and see if Gemini was home yet. I’ll keep thinking positive thoughts and visualizing her right where she’s supposed to be.

  8. With luck, once neighborhood start to calm down, Gemini will show up on your doorstep and demand to be let in.

    Sending our best “get your tail home” purrrrrsss for Gemini.

  9. Oh, I hope Gemini returns soon or that you find her first. It’s so scary when this happens…we’re keeping fingers and toes crossed.

  10. We came back to check. We will keep purrrring and purrayering for Gemini till we hear. Sam and Tigger are indoor/outdoor and some times I will call and call and look everywhere and can’t find them. Then all of a sudden they are there. Mom

  11. We’re sending our best thoughts your way! Our grandpa once had an indoor meezer who got out, and after a couple of days with frantic worry, Grandpa found him in the storm drain (catch basin) two doors away.

    And you can take heart in my story. I, Bathsheba, ran away on two different occasions (consecutive summers), and one of those times I was gone for two weeks! I made Mom a crazy woman, but I survived just fine.


  12. Oh Sweet Gemini, I’m crying for you! I’ve always felt a special connection to you, so please, please come home dear sister!

  13. Oh Gemini, please know I’m purring and purr-aying for you to come home soon! I can only imagine how worried your parents must be. Many, many hugs and purrs and snuggles and more purrs, purrs, purrs.

  14. Please go home, little Gemini! I’m sendin’ my strongest “go home” vibes to her — please go home, little Gemini! go home go home go home go home go home, purr purr purr purr purr purr purr!!!! My momma’s heart goes out to your beans.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  15. Hi,
    I just wanted to let you know that I am also praying for her safe return. My indoor cat got out one time, and I finally found him at 3 am. I just kept checking on him, and when I finally found him, he looked at me like he was just waiting for me to open the door for him to come back in. I know she will be back in your arms soon.

    Tara(not the cat)

  16. We hoped she would be home by now. We are purring that she found a safe place to hide and finds her way home in the quiet.

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