Tired from all the Toys

I was going to write that I was so tired from all the toys, but then I visited Latte’s latest invention Simply Siamese!  It’s a lovely site.  My human wanted a photo like that of me for the top of my site, but was never able to come up with one, so we are quite jealous. Of course, it’s all her fault and not mine at all!

At any rate, if you haven’t gotten over to Skeezix‘s to ask your questions, then now would be a good time to do so.  After this post, he will be taking the main questions and letting everyone vote on the three most people want answered and then you’ll be hearing from all of us who are running for president.


  1. That’s a really cool idea. I’ll check out Skeezix’s blog.

  2. Its great Skeezix is doing the questions! I’m glad you like Simply Siamese. I have some more work to do but I figured it would be fun! Meowmy is actually getting pretty proficient at Photoshop these days and that is actually a picture of me from November. I’m glad you like it!

  3. My pet human does not have the time to make my blog graphically correct. Maybe i should hire yours.


  4. I love blogspot. It makes graphically challenged writer-types like me feel smart! My cats have a red sparkle ball. They don’t pay it much attention. Perhaps I should try gold. Kit, better known as “Pretty-pretty-princess-kitty” probably has regal taste too.

  5. There are already some good questions for the debate, I think. This will be very interesting and fun.

  6. That tummy over on my site is GREAT for kissing! Once he’s digesting dinner he’ll let you rub and kiss all over it! But if he’s hungry you’d better watch the back claws!

  7. I’ll go chek owt the kwestions and see if I needs to add any.

  8. We love the picture that you have already!

  9. That is a lovely banner, but I love yours, too!

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