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Well I had several discussions going on Feature Friday.   What about international cats (I am always happy to listen to them but currently US law won’t allow them to vote)?  What about Georgia?  But it was Latte that had one of the best little phrases for the day:

Georgia does look wonderful! Its great to see her doing so well.

Wait a ding dong second….you are Out of Doors! Do you like it out there? I like the Out a lot! You don’t look scared but you’re big and tough and brave so I would expect you to like an adventure.

As Derby said, what is a ding dong second?

This of course meant there were other comments on the outside thing.  Georgia loves to go out and explore the territory of the yard.  She follows the human woman around and then lays on the front porch.   While she was following the woman around, I found the door open slightly and slipped through so that when they came back, I was on the front porch.   I had to sniff Georgia–in case she was an imposter–and guard my territory.   So that is what you were seeing.

As for Latte–he’s been busy. Have you been by Simply Siamese?


  1. I’m glad your human woman was outside with the both of you. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to any of you! I like going outdoors too, but I only get to go out on my harness or in my stroller.

  2. Hooray for Latte! I am going to visit Simply Siamese now!

  3. Chey, I think I figured out what a ding dong second is. It it the time it takes for the door bell to ring. DING-DONG!

  4. Derby, you are truely brilliant!

  5. Be careful out there!!!
    We have Simply Siamese on our Blogroll now, so we can come a lot and visit!
    And you are invited for a lizard BBQ! The hunt was good, we will share with all of you – see you at the grill at The Cat Realm.

  6. Great comment Derby. Congratulations.

  7. Awesome comment, Latte! Ernest and I will definitely be over to visit Simply Siamese!

  8. Chey, it’s just as I predicted!! Cats outside the US are becoming very concerned about their voices not being heard.

    You MUST address this issue now; don’t wait for the debate! Since prior to the election US laws must be changed to allow felines to vote, I believe that change should insure international cats be allowed a vote for a feline candidate, despite the voter not being US catizens. As long as it’s a feline voting for a feline, I see no problem!

    I suggest a post endorsing this, assuring your worldwide supporters you are working on their behalf. It will make you stand out as the “internationally friendly” candidate, since I don’t think Skittles or Cato have addressed this issue. Once you’ve posted about it, be sure to notify The Cat Blogosphere, to get your “Pro International Voter” message out there.

    Senior Advisor

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