Saturday Guest Star

Well there were several great comments–oh and yes, there is catnip in the garden–it’s the slightly smaller plant in front in the middle.

Still, I had to go with HRH Yao-lin who said,

I am glad to hear you are feeling better now. I am also ever so slightly impressed (and jealous) that your humans have built a window especially for your use. I have an image of you rocking back and forth whilst watching the world go by, quietly muttering’ kukka, kukka, kukka’. But of course, you will be fine, right?



Of course, Yao-lin, the human male insists that the window was for HIS use and mine is just the nice little adjunct. I’ve been doing much better and am no longer murmuring Kukka’s name under my breath. I am busily working on how to get international cats to be able to vote for me and then preparing myself for the debates!


  1. Ha ha ha!! Thanks Chey!! Pawsome is the word methinks!

    Makes me feel much better 🙂 thanks for making my saturday! xx

  2. Good quote! An I’s furry glad they planted catnip in yur garden. Concentratin on the lection should help you get ofur Kukka-Maria. ::sigh:: I finally confessed my true feelins for her, an now I wish I’d done that sooner.

  3. Good for Yao-Lin!

  4. YAY for Yao-Lin! She always has the best things to say!

  5. Well done Yao-Lin, now yoo haf put that pikchur in our minds too.
    Glad to hear yer feeling better Chey.

  6. It will git better – keep breathing.

  7. Yao-Lin, you are a very special cat. Very intelligent, we say.

  8. We’re so happy you’re feeling better, Chey. And don’t worry about the Italian vote. We’ll get Fred & Holly, our European Division in Rome, to make all those Roman cats ‘an offer they cannot refuse’ if they’ll vote for you!


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