Saturday Guest Star #5

Today’s Guest Star is Daisy! I think she started awhole new concept for the word intriguing. Before they’ve intrigued my curiousity or made me laugh. Daisy had so many other commentors asking about the kimodo and Sharon Stone, I had to say, it’s Daisy who made the most intriguing comment.

For a second I thought you said you had to pose with a Kimodo! Those are very big dangerous lizards with sharp teeth. But I still think you would be safe with a Kimodo dragon, as long as you do not bring Sharon Stone’s husband in the Kimodo cage with you.

Many people had questions about the Kimodo, however I did not have to pose with one. Good heavens. However, I did have to pose IN a kimono. While Daisy and Skeezix may love such a thing, I was less than thrilled. As for Sharon Stone, I certainly I hope I’m not ever locked in a Kimodo cage with him. I’m afraid I am not up on such celebrity gossip, so that comment DID intrigue me and begs the whole issue of “say more”?

My apologies Daisy, wordpress wouldn’t allow me to show off that lovely photo of you in that great jumper. It did however like this photo better.


  1. EXSILLINT choice, Chey!!! Daisy always makes the best comments anyware she goze! AND she’s a grate singer. Kinda.

  2. Chey, you are so right! Daisy has the neatest way of coming up with the most interesting comments. And she wears clothes so well. She is very nice, we like her very much. She helped us when we first started blogging and gave us great advice.
    Great choice for your Saturday Guest Star.

  3. That was a *great comment!

  4. Wow! (blushes) I am very honored! The infamous dragon attack on Sharon Stone’s husband happened a few years ago. It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Stone were getting a behind the scenes tour of the LA Zoo when the dragon attacked. They were actually INSIDE the dragon’s cage. “Mr. Stone” was barefoot at the time because he had been wearing white tennis shoes which the keepers said would remind the dragon of the food he eats for dinner.

  5. Bravo, Chey! Daisy is always a commenter extraordinaire!!


  6. You made a great choice, Chey. It’s a very good picture of Daisy, too. I am glad that Daisy explained the bit about Sharon Stone’s husband.

  7. Daisy is furry smart!

  8. What a wonderful choice!
    Daisy is one of our most favorite commentators!
    We really like her and that picture is of course awesome!

  9. We saw that comment and wanted to know more. Thank you for posting the lovely picture of Daisy. We think she’s adorable and love to read her blog.

  10. Great feature on Miss Daisy! She is quite intriguing and an excellent feature subject! Your nice large photo also highlights her terrific whiskers!

    I have a contest! Stop by and make a guess!

  11. Great choice! Daisy is always great and generous with her comments!

  12. Hooray for Daisy!

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