Saturday Guest Star #4

It was another interesting comment week.   I had to choose between two good comments.   This week, I have to give the nod to Victor Tabbycat.

Victor’s comment was

What’s D-bait? Is that fur catchin fishies if yur A, B, an C baits don’t werk? I don’t get it bout politicks.

I think it’s a good point.  After all, why is it “D” bate and not an “A” or “B” or “C” bates?  This will be my first “D” bate so what happened to the “A” bate?  Perhaps Skittles and Cato and I should have an “A” bate instead?!


  1. If we cannot attend the D-bait, can we get a re-bate??

  2. That is such a great picture of Victor. I really like his comment, too.

  3. Yippie skippie, we love Victor! he is sooooo intelligent 😀

  4. Wow, VT’s comment is reely profownd! Just prooving he’s a deep thinker! I wish I cood have sum deep thots!

  5. we likded his comment too! great choice. We also liked Cato’s comment about shopping for a bottom for his tankini. That was a little strange.

    Victor is a great finking cat!

  6. Oh, lookie! It’s Victor and he’s a star on your bloggie, Chey! I like Daisy’s comment, too!

  7. Chey: Re: World Domination. It is indeed a problem that each meezer deserves total world domination his (or her) self. However, I suppose if we each join forces then we have a greater chance of success. I do think that even in union with each other, true leaders will still emerge. It is inevitable. I am just pleased to be part of history in the making. Can’t wait until we have an all feline parliament over here!.

  8. Mommy just thinks Victor is De Bomb!

  9. I think maybe you should just go through the whole alphabet – a-bate, b-bate … and so forth.

  10. Oh, wow, ME! Kewl! Thanks, Chey!
    I love Daisy’s comment – re-bate!
    Um, if Parker’s mom finks I’s “de bomb,” what about the A, B, an C bombs?

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