Saturday Guest Star

Well it’s only 11 PM our time but I wanted to get this post out. My human had way too much caffeine at the Mariner’s Game (thanks to the human male) and so won’t be up too early in the morning, unless she gets no sleep at all–of course it’s the Mariners who shouldn’t sleep… loosing to the Reds (practically last in their league) 16-1?! Hello! I could have played better.

Still, the guest star for this week is Zippy, Speedy and Sadie

We did not know about da weed eating goats in See-at-ul! No healthcare! What happens when they become sick from eating pestiside laced weeds? Yoo know dat some rather ignorant human bean is gonna spray, effin tho they shoodent. They’ve been doing it fur years, why wood dey stop now. We’z outrajed! On another note – good job Georgia! It takes a lot of talent, good aim and control and a belly full to cover da bed in yak. We know, we’z tried it.

We liked the comment. I liked the fact that they were thinking beyond even what I was thinking about the weed eating goats. And of course, the whole yakking comment for Georgia was right on point.

I have to admit to liking several of the comments but this time, I had to go with the first one. If someone thinks of a point, even I, as an astute politician, manages to miss, well they need to be honored!

Now I want to know that even when looking at the html this is NOT where the photos are assigned to be and yet this is where wordpress shows them. What part of left, right and left does it not understand?! ERG.

Edited (by the woman) we went over to add Chey’s post to the cat blogosphere and learned that we lost Chatham today.  I’m very sorry to hear this.  He was a great cat.   I think each of us who read his blog regularly went through the emotional ups and downs as he went through his own health ups and downs.   I am sad for his family for he was obviously well loved.  Rest well Chatham.


  1. Grate choice, pikking Zippy, Speedy and Sadie! They did a GRATE job this week in the comments on my blog — rekummending that the Food Lady use a shuvul to fling dog dookie up onto the nayburs porch, wich has ended up working reely good. YAY! Sadie, Speedy and Zippy! HOORAY!!!!

  2. I really liked Zippy, Speedy and Sadie’s comment, too. I hadn’t even thought of the poor goats eating herbicide laden weeds. I read about Chatham a little while ago, too. It’s very sad, but he lived a good long life.

  3. Nice choice for the feature this week, Chey. 🙂 I was also sad to hear that Chatham went to the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. As usual your choice of guest stars is impeccable! What a great politician, and cat in general, you are. And what a wonderful comment by Zippie, Speedy and Sadie!
    So sorry to hear about Chatham, we are sorry we didn’t get to know him very well.

  5. hey chey I tagged u for a meme xxx

    p.s i am considering going in to polictics as Blair is stepping down on wednesday. What do you reckon? xx

  6. I am so happy to meet you! Thank you for visiting me and saying hello. I look forward to getting to know you more.
    Your friend – Frodo

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