New Toys

I am quite pleased to say that Junior sent us some lovely sparkle balls. I had hoped upon seeing the bright pink that perhaps someone had sent me Latte’s pink mouse by mistake, but it was only a sparkle ball.

Personally, I am quite fond of the one gold one. After all, I am a regal cat.   Gemini seems pleased with the green ones.  Georgia has sniffed them all but defers to my superior toy choice. Gemini would say that I am a toy hog.  To avoid attending another toy hogs annonymous meeting, I will say that perhaps she could possibly be the tinest bit correct.  Still, Georgia did defer to me about the sparkle balls. No one can argue with that. Perhaps she was unsure which of the variety of colors she would like?


  1. Hey, you are definitely not a toy hog! You picked just one to be your special sparkle ball, the gold one, and left all the others to be chosen by other cats. I think that is very magnanimous of you. If Gemini can’t decide which one she likes best, that is just her problem, and nothing to do with you.

  2. In my house if you don’t hog toys you don’t get toys. Somehow I think that means that Kaze is our toy hog. We got those great sparkle balls too and I like the red one but of course Kaze took it to play fetch. I wouldn’t mind YOU stealing my toys but I mind her doing it. I’m glad you like the gold one, it suits you perfectly my love!

  3. Yes, gold toys are often the best. Sadly I do not have any gold toys. It is just another example of my mistreatment in the hovel I call home.

  4. Sparkle balls sound like fun! I may have to get my humans to buy me some!

  5. You are smart to take the gold one. The sparkle ball might be made of REAL gold, and then you would be rich. I am pretty sure if the gold is very shiny it is real.

  6. Being a regal cat and all, gold of course IS your color.
    But we think pink is a very lovely color for your complexion too!

  7. wait, there’s a toyhogsanonomouse? I fink Sammy needs to go – Miles

  8. If ya gots dibs then it’s okay.

  9. Well, if you’re the superior Cat then why not? Surely Georgia would take one if she actually wanted it. Of course, she still might play with them behind your back.

  10. Gold is for royalty, after all. Actually, Junior sent ME sparkle balls, ME, Luxor, not Silky or Ninna. All the colors are mine. 😉

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