My Favorite Snoozing Places

I know, I don’t like the human male but I have to admit that he appears on many of my favorite snoozing places. I love a good place to curl up and meditate. My favorites are

  • The Human Male’s Pillow
  • The Human Male’s Clean Laundry
  • My Millie Bed (thank you Latte)
  • The Woman’s lap
  • Between the woman and the monitor

I love to sleep on the human male’s things because he hates cat hair. I love leaving mine behind to annoy him. Isn’t that what makes life worth living?


  1. Whut makes life werth living is win the human male is also waring dark bloo or blak garmints. And I lay on them beefore he’s leeving for an importunt meeting that he’s late for. Yes, I live for thoze momints.

  2. I live to sleep on Mommy’s dark clothes. I get a lot of attention that way!

  3. Those sound like good places to nap! I like to nap on my mom’s lap, or in my sleeping bag.

    Re: Meezers and loud voices. Every Meezer my mom has ever met (including the three who lived with her at various points in time) have been very loud! They all had the so-called “typical” Meezer voice. But I’m sure there are some Meezers who are quiet. After all, the exceptions prove the rule, right?

  4. Leaving hair is so much fun especially when they hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. That is what makes life worth living! I myself enjoy walking on the Chip Man’s head while he’s trying to sleep. I’m glad you love your Millie Bed and it reminds you of me!!

  6. You go girl! That’s the way to do it. Its’ his fault anyways – why would anybody hate cat hair????

  7. absolutely!

  8. Chey, I love your cattitude!

  9. When I need a good long nap, I like to sleep on my human male’s desk chair. I noticed he keeps one of this hair-removing thingies on his desk and always uses it before he sits down. Sometimes he decides not to work at his desk if I’m sleeping on the chair. I think he’s a little sweet on me.

  10. those are excellent nap spots. Mao likes to sleep on the male’s work clothes. I prefer the female’s work clothes.

  11. Great choices there, Chey!

  12. Anything to annoy the Human male, hehehe.

  13. Sounds great~!

  14. That is excatly what humans and their stuff is for!

  15. i’d really like to know why the cats llike to sleep on the CLEAN laundry! you think they’d like the drity laundry since it smells most like their humans. i think its so that they can leave the max amount of hair!

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