Meezer Monday Meme

Yao-lin tagged me for the meme going around.

1. Favorite Season: autumn. Some sun to lie in. Some blankets to cuddle and fires to cuddle in front of.

2. Colors. Blue sets off my eyes.

3. favorite room.  Um wherever I am?

4. Dogs. Nice so long as I’m not in the same room, although I don’t mind them too much–they’re noisy!

5. Do you get bathed? NO!!!! Except by me.

6. Are you in love. Latte and I hope so!

7. where would you like to travel.  I’m not really into traveling. I’m a homebody.

8. What do you ignore?  Everything I can get away with.

9. How many lives have you used up. I think I’m on my second.

10. Do you have any dark secrets?  No really. I’m a pretty  up front cat

11. Favorite Holiday.   Any day that I’m worshipped for myself is a holiday!

12. water or milk? water, no question.

13. Why do you blog? to build support for my presidential campaign!  And to build visitors to my website–mysiamese!

14. Are you into extremes?  I’m not sure. I prefer balance.

15. Favorite tv shows.  I avoid television, except when my humans are watching.

16. lap cat? Absolutely!

17. inside or outside?  I’m kept inside, but I find this suits my taste just fine–with occassional forays to the big outdoors.
18. What makes you happy?   Adoration and many fans.

19. Most embarrassing moment?  I actually licked the foot of the human male.

Happy Meezer Monday and I challenge all meezers who haven’t played to play!



  1. You licked a human foot? Did it gross you out or anything?

    Skittles, The Huntress

  2. Wow – I love how everykitty loves a different season! I think you’re the only kitty I’ve met so far who likes autumn!

  3. Wow, I can’t believe you licked the foot of the human male!!!

  4. yoo licked da mans foot!?! We like mom’s cuz it’s furry tasty, we don’t want to even try dad’s…

  5. So much to learn about you!

  6. We’re wiv Zippy,Sadie and Speedy. We’ll lick mum’s foot cuz it’s tasty, but dad’s foot??? Eeeew furrget it!!

  7. Great answers Chey! I can see why you were embarrassed to have licked the human male’s foot. Blue is definitely a wonderful colour for you – sets off your lovely Siamese eyes. 🙂

  8. Chey, you do seem very well balanced. This is an important quality for a presidential candidate!

  9. We loved learning those interesting things about you Chey. You will make a great and wonderful President.

  10. Great answers Chey! Don’t be ashamed of licking the human’s foot. I am sure you were just showing him the method to worship siamese – I allow my human to kiss my paws on a daily basis. It was a relevant training episode!

    Glad you like the idea of me going into politics. I just have to oust that Gordon Brown dude by wednesday to start the ball rolling!


  11. I love your answers, especially to numbers 11 and 18, I can relate!!!
    Go and check it out: I AM CAT OF THE DAY!!! Life is beautiful….

  12. You are VERY loved by my Chey! I’m sure the human male must have stepped in something tasty when you licked him.

  13. you licked a FOOT? ewwwww! we avoid feet like the plague that they are. well, unless they’re safely under covers and moving…then we’ve gotta pounce and kill ’em.

  14. Interesting, Chey. I don’t think I’ve even licked a human foot — but I must admit I have bitten a few!


  15. Hey,

    Skeezix is taking votes on questions for the candidates.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  16. Very great answers. Autumn is a very good season.

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