Meezer Monday

It was a long and rainy weekend here.  Georgia doesn’t do as well in the rain.  However, we did get her stairs.   Gemini was thrilled with the nip that was rubbed all over them. Georgia was so thrilled, that in the middle of the night she vomited on both blankets os that the woman had to get up and do laundry! HA Take that!  HA!

At any rate there were no more blankets clean in the house so they had to use a slippery old sleeping bag.  Then the neighbors decided to play their music loudly at 3 AM, which is becomming a habit with these neighbors.   It wakes the woman. Our house was quite nocturnal. I rather like my quiet time and hate it that they were disturbing me!


  1. Poor Georgia. We shood plot reevenje aginst yer naybers!

  2. It was very rainy here too. Sorry that your neighbours weren’t very nice. You and I shoulda gone over there and scared them with our yowling in the middle of the night – MOL!!!

    You are very kind to compliment me! I sure needed them as I didn’t get *any* from the catsitter…and mommy and daddy weren’t around to shower me with attention, the way it should be. The catsitter was not worthy enough for any notice from me.

    Hope you have a pawesome Meezer Monday!

  3. We had naybors like dat. Mom went over there, cuz dad’s a woos, and told dem to nok it off, but nicely, da first time. Da next time she wazent as nice and had about 4 other naybors with her. The third time she had about 10 naybors wif her and told dem dat if it din’t stop happening dey wood be furry sorry. Dey only lived here fur about 3 months, dey were renting da howse and da landlady gots tired of da naybors calling her at 2 am to complain about her tennants.

  4. PS. I fixed my settings so that you can comment now, Chey!

  5. Poor Georgia! I’m sorry its raining, and I’m really sorry about your neighbors. We had some like that for a while, Mom finally called the cops and said they were running drugs. They didn’t live there much longer…..


  6. Go leave a present on their door step!

  7. We don’t haf any close naybers so we don’t git that problem. If they make all the noise at 3am, they probly sleep in late, so yoo need to yowl at the top of yer voice when they git to sleep. Apart furrom that, do what Kimo and Sabi sed. Poop on their step.

  8. is Georgia ok now? did the catnip make her barf?

  9. Look at your beautiful ear! Neighbors like that deserve a meezer shriek exactly when they are trying to sleep. I say record yourself at your yowliest and make your humans sneak under the neighbors window and play the recording.

  10. Sounds like you could use a long nappy Monday since your sleep patterns were all disturbed.

    I’m sorry Georgia got too excited, but that’s cool about her new stairs!

  11. Lovely photo Chey. Poor Georgia. 🙁 I hope she’s okay now. Sorry to hear about the neighbours disturbing you at such an awful hour!

  12. Hi there Cheysuli–
    It’s no fun when you have neighbors who aren’t considerate of kitty sleepy time.
    Happy Meezer Monday!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  13. Chey,
    i want to know why they aren’t including you in all the polls. They all say that Hillary is in the lead, but they’re discriminating against the cats!

  14. We finks that your neighborz are very uncool. We had some that lived above us at our apartment that meowmize said sounded like a herd of elephants running around. Maybe your lady should call the cops and compliane about the noise if they do it’s again. Oh, youz lookz very cute in your pic-fer today. we hope youz all get some much needed rest tonight….Sia

  15. You sure had an eventful night. I am sorry that Georgia bomited. I hope she feels better today.

  16. I’m glad that Georgia likes her steps, but sorry that she barfed on the blankets. Your neighbors need some loud meezer shrieking early in the morning, say just after sunrise.

  17. Hope you bite your loud neighbors or play some nice loud opera at 7am!
    Sorry to hear Georgia is not feeling well.

  18. Happy Meezer Monday!
    What kind of a present are you going to leave on their door step? Is it a hairball? Thats the best kind of present to leave noisy neighbors!

  19. It was a barfy weekend. My sister went to town after she snarfed a big bowl of Fancy Feast. Right. Down. The. Wall.
    Mommy was thrilled beyond belief.

  20. Is is time to call the Po-leece about the noise?

  21. I think you should have sang along!

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