Meezer Monday

Well, the kimono brought up such an amazing number of comments that I thought I would show off in the outfit.  You can see I am not pleased about this turn of affairs at all.  While the blue does match my eyes, I prefer to show off my lovely blue eyes with the natural loveliness of my fur.

Of course, this means that the human male actually loaded some photos on the computer. Did he do it for me? No.  He did it so he could post some photos of some furniture onto Craigslist.  I should know that he’d never actually go out of his way for me.  In fact, he even pushed me off the bed this morning.  I realize I was taking up most of the bed, but I was there first!

Humans can be so inconsiderate.


  1. Amen to that – DKM knocked me off of the bed this afternoon just because I stuck my butt on her face.

  2. Reely, they are rather rude. I got pushed out of the way just because I was on the stairs and mom wanted to get by! Go around lady, I can’t help it your feet are HUGE!~Sadie

  3. You don’t look too happy about the outfit, but the blue is attractive.

    Humans can be really such bores!


  4. That is quite a fancy kimono. I think you look good in it, even if you don’t like it much.

  5. Humans can be inconsiderate.

    I think the kimono looks lovely on you, Chey, even if you didn’t enjoy wearing it.

  6. That’s a pretty snazzy outfit! I don’t think I’d enjoy weaing it tho…

  7. Yoo look purrty in your Kimono, but we would haf liked to see your purrty face too.

  8. The kimono does look real pretty on you – but I’m with you about rather NOT wearing it. Myself, I’d prefer to be a nudist. 😉

  9. The kimono looks great on you. I don’t like wearing clothes, either. After you got pushed off the bed, did you put the bitey on anyone? That’s what Earl Grey does.

  10. You look so beautiful in the kimono!! Of course I understand not enjoying clothes, I’m not big on them either but sometimes I like to wear the shirt you gave me because it has your picture on it.

    Human males suck. I’m always getting pushed away for bitting toes in bed. I don’t get it because there are BED MONSTERS!!

  11. I get knockded off the bed all the time. Just ‘acause I continually walk ofurr Mommy all night – back and forf ofurr her tummy or side. then I get knockded off the bed. the nerve! – Miles

  12. Kimono or kimodo, you look lovely!

  13. We think your humans need to go to obedience school! You have to put them in there place! The kimono is quiet fancy, but it is your decision ALONE if you want to wear it or not!
    You can’t let humans get away with anything, they are a bit like dogs, need a very strong and unwavering hand!

  14. Chey, you know you look good in anything. 😉

  15. Wearing those just like a wonderful gift~!

    About the things you said, maybe there are more balance stuffs we all need to adjustment for both of side, but we are here for you.

  16. Chey, you look beautiful in the kimono!

  17. Chey!! That is one of the coolest outfits I have ever seen! Admittedly, you look a little less than pleased. It’s like you are saying ‘ talk to the back of the head cos the face aint listening, right!’. Even so, you still look lovely !


  18. That kimono is lovely on you!

  19. Momma says you have mad ears and she bets your tail is thumping. You look adorable, though!


  20. Yeah, we don’t do clothes here either. Beans can be obnoxious and RUDE!

    Luf, Us

  21. Geesh! You would think they would understand that we come first!

  22. I’m a nudist, too, but must admit it’s a rather attractive piece of clothing.

  23. i like the kimono, but how did your human get it on you? my cats refuse to sit still for stuff like that..

  24. I love the way the obi accentuates your waist! It’s so slimming.


  25. Well, it does look very very uncomfortable but you do look very nice.

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