It’s the Green One!

I have decided that I prefer the green sparkle ball to the gold. It’s just more fun to pounce on. Besides, Gemini was fond of it an it’s always more fun to steal someone else’s toys than play alone.

No, this is not a sign of being a toy hog. It’s a sign of neglect. If my servants actually cared about me, THEY would play with me and I wouldn’t have to act out.

BREAKING NEWS! I’m the spotlight cat on animal internet!


  1. I seem to be partial to red, myself. But green is nice, too!

  2. Hi Chey! We do that to each other here all of the time. Our meowmize only says somefing when we get to rough with each other…Sia

  3. I’m nuts for sparkle balls no matter whut color, and I leeve the reel spitty ones in the dry krap food dish. That tiks Rocky off.

  4. Smokey prefers the gold ones. But nothing beats a bean attached to a fishing pole toy…

    Luf, Us

  5. You know, it is a sign of a highly inteliigent feline to have a preference over the colour of toys. Your servants should get their act together so you don’t have to play up ha ha


  6. Have you tried the red one yet? If not I need to send one to you. Red Rules!!!! Its kind of like a pink mouse but sparkly and red.

  7. there is no such fing as a toy hog. all the toys belong to me. that’s just how it is.

    if all the toys in your house belong to you, then that’s just how it is!!


  8. Yes, it is always more fun to play with the toy that another cat likes best.

  9. toys. We love them but it is nicer when the humans pay attention to us… sometimes. Lately it seems, they either want to jam a pill down our throats or put some other gloob in my mouth or jab me with a sharp thing.

    concatulations on the spotlight! way cool

  10. Your servants should be more attentive. Congrats on the spotlight!
    Come join us at Stonehenge!

    zevo & friends

  11. I say if they snooze, they lose!

  12. Congratulations on being the featured cat! πŸ™‚

    I’ve never played with a sparkle ball before. I’m looking forward to trying out the ones Junior is sending. πŸ™‚

  13. I am so gald you are playing with the sparkle balls too! Even if you do have to steal one.

    I bet that snow lepoard would be happy to strong arm…oops! I mean help you with your race for Presidency!

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