Full Recovery Expected

From the AP

Presidential Candidate, Cheysuli, hospitalized earlier this week due to stress is expected to make a full recovery.   Cheysuli was assisted in her recovery by husband Latte Meezer.  Kukka-Maria, the blogging super sexy feline star was on hand to hold Chey’s paw. It’s commonly known that Chey was admitted to the hospital for stress after learning that Kukka would no longer be blogging.

“Having Kukka as a close personal friend should help,” said hospital staff.  “We expect to release her as early as tomorrow.”

<>This is good news for those who wait for Cheysuli in the debates.   Constituents will no doubt be relieved.   Hospital staff, however, continue to be concerned.

“Chey had only the mildest form of withdrawl and we are pleased that she is recovering so well. However, we are concerned that as the month ends and Kukka writes her last blog post that we will be overwhelmed with cats, humans and even chipmunks when she is no longer there to be read.   What will people do for stress relief?  How will they get their celebrity gossip?

“Chey was lucky that Kukka is a personal friend and can call her up when she needs a fix.  This was wonderful of Kukka-Maria. However, what about all the ordinary cats and people?  What are they to do?  We wish we had had a bit more time to prepare more beds and have more research on hand as to how to handle this.”

“I realize I had a minor breakdown, however it’s still embarrassing,” said Chey.  “I couldn’t believe how dependent I have become on reading about Kukka-Maria as I start my day.  I lick my human’s chai and then read her blog and get to my work.   It’s horrifying to think that I’ll have to change this routine.”


  1. Its OK Chey, having a break down like this shows how feline you are. We’re emotional creatures and I think this will help cats and people relate to you. I think it will only make you stronger!

  2. Like Latte said, it’s okay Chey. This will allow other cats to more easily relate to you, since they’ll see even a regal Meezer like yourself can have minor breakdowns. It’s sad that Kukka-Maria will no longer be blogging.

  3. Miles is getting more and more despondent as Friday approaches. Good thing he has Sanjee. – Sammy

  4. There are many of us who’ve been a little “down” since Kukka’s announcement of her plan to retire but I think if we all pull together, we can get through this. We’ll be doing a tribute post on Friday.

  5. well at least you are on the mend Chey! Phew!! Like I said yesterday, I was a bit concerned you were going to start flashing your lady garden around town and shaving off all your fur he he


  6. nice to learn about the recovery Chey – hope you keep doing well!

  7. We’re happy that you are recovering from your minor breakdown. As for your political aspirations, all you need is a little “spin” on the situation. I’m no spin doctor, but I’m sure that you could find a good one out there. I suggest Skeezix or Jeter Harris.

  8. It is OK Chey. We are all going to go through Kukka withdrawal.

  9. I’m so glad a full recovery is expected – I was quite distraught over your distraughtness!

  10. I am so glad that you are feeling better, Cheysuli. Quite a few of us will miss Kukka-Maria.

  11. Phew glad you are recovering Chey. You had us worried furr a minute there. I think a lot of kitties are going to miss Kukka-Maria. Maybe after a break she will recharge her batteries and come back again.

  12. Chey, I understand your breakdown. I find that valium helps. 😉

    Glad you’re back on the campaign trail.

  13. Cats don’t like change, specially a big change in routine. You admitted you had a problem an got help afore it could get ugly. I respect that. I hope you’re all better real soon.

  14. Oh my Chey!!! We hope you are back on your paws soon. Our beans just came back from getting married and we got your secret paws! Thank you so much. Our mom took pictures and we will post them tonight as soon as we take a break from playing.

    Thank you,
    Emily, Eliot, Percy and Abbie

    PS. The porcupine is awesome, even better than a mouse because he’s wide enough to really put the bite on!!!

  15. Oh dear, I rushed right over when I heard the news! With my bean mom gone, I’m afraid I haven’t been giving my adopted fur mom enough attention! I’m so glad you are expected to make a full recovery!

  16. Normally, I’d be distraught that an article portrayed me as a loving and caring individual. But, since it was about YOU, I’m fine with the paw-holding news being revealed.

    I’m not made of stone, people! I love my Chey!

    Thanks, sweetie…Kisses!

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