Feature Friday

Well here it is, Friday again. Has anyone uploaded any more wonderful photos? I was required to pose for photos with a kimono. Hello Woman!  My fans want to see this!   And get those dogs out of here.  I sat and watched them and meowed at them.   The dogs didn’t understand that I rule the house and I did not think they were welcome.

So it’s feature Friday, getting ready for Satuday’s Guest Star. You know what you have to do!  Intrigue me!  I love to be intrigued.   The winner will get featured on my blog tomorrow!


  1. It looks like you’re wearing a reverse tuxedo complete with cuff links!

    A kimono??? Oh I’m going to start drooling when I see that!

  2. Dogs? Oh, bother. One of the most popular ways that people find my blog is by googling “why cats are better than dogs.” So there!

  3. That is not a picture, it is art!
    What do I have to do? I want to win! Whatever it is!
    Intrigue you? Just check out my Fashion Friday picture and you’ll see you could not hope for a more intriguing guest star than me! And I have PLENTY more wigs!
    You can also take the mouse that says “for lover boy” on my sidebar… No, no, I am NOT bribing you, I ment to give you that mouse loooong ago anyways…
    Your dearest fan Anastasia (was that a bit too much?)

  4. For a second I thought you said you had to pose with a Kimodo! Those are very big dangerous lizards with sharp teeth. But I still think you would be safe with a Kimodo dragon, as long as you do not bring Sharon Stone’s husband in the Kimodo cage with you.

  5. ::snork:: – Sharon Stone’s husband. That was funny Daisy

  6. Soooo, yoo don’t like dogs? Doesn’t that fall under the “specist” catagory? We like dogs until they act stoopid (they’re reely all rather stoopid, but some are better at hiding it) then we bare our claws and hang from their faces. Sharon Stones husband must have tasty feet, Daisy! At least to a Kimodo dragon…

  7. Very cool photo effect, Cheysuli.

    So what’s a kimono? And why did you have to pose for photos with one? Is that Yoko Ono’s sister or cousin? Hopefully a kimono doesn’t sing as badly as Yoko Ono does. My dad is a huge Beatles fan, so he’s played some music of John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s, and Yoko’s voice hurts my delicate frootbat ears! I hope you didn’t have to put up with anything like that.

  8. How did you do that photo? That is so neat. Mom’s trying to get into photography and all the bells and whistles. Kimono’s are very pretty, I bet you look nice in it. We only like little dogs, that are smaller than us. That way we can rule over them . Have a nice weekend.

  9. OOOoooo and AAAhhhhh! How Andy Warholish!
    I’m down in the dumps ’cause the ‘rents abandoned us this weekend. Want me to pick you up a tire?

  10. Is this your latest x-ray?
    You look…. well, …good.

    now, what’s this about a kimodo?


  11. A dawg wint dookie in owr pool yesterday, so we’re down on dawgs arownd heer. I don’t wunt them anyware neer me or they mite go dookie on one of my kyoot owtfits!

  12. Chey we think are purrty without a kimono or a komodo, but we are fresh out of intriguing unless you think intriguing is staring out a window looking at da birdies.

  13. Yeah, I’m so tired from napping all week that I just can’t think of one interesting thing to say.

    Wanted to come visit, though. Hi!

  14. That is an interesting picture, Chey. Did you whap those chiuahuas around? I am intrigued by the thought of seeing you in a kimono, with or without a Komodo dragon. I think you should pose on your dragon rug in your kimono.

  15. Very cool art. It should be featured on the cover of Vanity Fair.

    So glad you stood up to those dogs.


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