Feature Friday

Wow!  Animal Internet has published my piece on the goats in Seattle!  Apparently this is a hot political issue. Who would have thought it of goats?  Check it out.

Here I am sitting in the sun before it decided to disappear.   I think the woman is wishing that Georgia’s vomiting stage would disappear too.   Last night they again got to get up in the middle of the night to wash the bedding because some hacked all over it.  Applause folks, applause.  Georgia still has it in her–well she may no longer have it in her because it’s once again all over the bed.

Don’t forget feature Friday.   Most intriguing comment becomes Saturday’s Guest Star!


  1. We did not know about da weed eating goats in See-at-ul! No healthcare! What happens when they become sick from eating pestiside laced weeds? Yoo know dat some rather ignorant human bean is gonna spray, effin tho they shoodent. They’ve been doing it fur years, why wood dey stop now. We’z outrajed! On another note – good job Georgia! It takes a lot of talent, good aim and control and a belly full to cover da bed in yak. We know, we’z tried it.

  2. I hope Skeezix starts the debates soon too. Do you think he may time it with Anderson Coopers YouTube debates? My pet human thinks AC is sooooooooo cute!

    Skittles, The Huntress

  3. Congrats on your article being featured, Chey! It’s only the beginning …

  4. You look lovely sitting there in the sun, Chey. 🙂 Poor Georgia. 🙁

    Congratulations on being published! 🙂

  5. I have always held to the belief that if you are going to yak, make it an event! Good job Georgia! Yak on!

  6. Poor Georgia. We are 16 and mommie just changed our food to prescription diet since it was just discovered that we have kidney disease (one of the symptoms is excessive barfing). We do not barf anymore.

    Are you mimicking the face of that grumpy orange kitty with “backwards ears” beside you?

    happy week-end!

  7. concatulations on your article being on animal internet! and concatulations to Georgia too! our mommy usded to put puppy training pads on top of the covers ’cause Norton usded to pee all ofurr the bed when he was old. They helpded alot – and they was LOTS and LOTS of fun to rattle around and make noise wif when she was trying to sleep. we would hear “STOP IT. SHUT UP. STOP IT. REALLY, STOP IT. GO TO SLEEP”. coming from unner the blankets and the pillows on her face. it was kind if weird.

  8. You go Georgia!!! Yakking always gets lots of loud words and attention in our house. The Chip Man especially loves a nice dark spot soaked into the rug all night long. You should tell Georgia to try peeing on the bed, that is SURE to get them running around too.

  9. That’s a lovely picture of you with the sun and shadow on your fur! I wrote a poem to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Check it out!

  10. Congratulations on your article being published, Chey! That is great!

  11. Pooses for Peace applauds you for standing up for the goats. Congrats on your article.

    I hope Georgia feels better soon. My pet human just hates when we puke on the bed. Sometimes after a party we just can’t help it.


  12. Awesome article!

    I hope Georgia is doing all right. I hate puking and I make an effort never to puke on the bed… I might roll over on it. Ew!

  13. Yakking on the bed is gotta be high on the ick factor for your beans. I haven’t done that yet. But the other night mum heard me getting ready to do my thing. She jumped up, and put a piece of newspaper in front of me. So the stuff went on the paper not on the carpet.

  14. Well you know what they say… what goes down must come up? What??? Mommy’s saying that not how it goes. Oh well, what do I care. I make my own rules and I say that’s what the saying is, so there!

  15. Concats on being featured. I am sorry that Georgia is vomiting so much. Meowm and I keep her in our thoughts and purrayers.

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