Feature Friday

So there I am, exploring my front yard with Georgia.   She’s looking quite well isn’t she?  We’re just amazed that she’s still with us and doing as well as she is.  Obviously, from my ears, you can see she even manages to annoy me a bit!

So it’s Feature Friday.   Each comment goes toward my contest for the Saturday Guest Star.  I just like to be intrigued and there are many ways of doing it. Make me laugh. Make me want to know more.  Get a discussion going about something interesting and unusual.   Who knows my guest star could be you!

If you haven’t already come up with your questions for the debate make sure you get over to Skeezix’  The vote for the favorites should be coming up soon!


  1. How old is Georgia? She looks so young and sweet still!

  2. She’s 19 or 20 years young.

  3. You both is lookin’ good!

  4. Georgia is looking well!

    I left my questions over at Skeezix’ blog. Will you be answering questions from international cats, or are you focusing on the American cats only, since you are running for President? Obviously, as a German-Canadian cat living in Germany I can’t vote, but I was curious at to whether my questions would be answered nevertheless.

    BTW, Angela Merkel is the German chancellor at the moment, so if you want to ask her opinion on how to succeed in politics as a female, feel free to come on over to Germany.

  5. Yay Georgia!!!

  6. Hi, Cheysuli! Thanks for wishing my friend Christine a happy birthday. She loved all the comments. As a non-US cat, like Dragonheart, I’d like to know a bit about your plans for international relations. We’re due for an election in Australia later this year, so I can’t really tell you which guy to make nice with. Lots of people are hoping for a change, that’s all I know. Don’t know if any cats are running. Politics isn’t for me, though! I’m too lazy.

  7. You shouldn’t be wasting time posting cute cat pictures. You should be working towards us siamese cats taking over the world. Like I said on my question to the candidates, I am weary with the progress. I want action – now! Meezers unite!


    HRH Yao-Lin xx

  8. I’m going over to Skeezix’s and post a question. Do you have any control over Karma direction? There are some cretins in Kansas City that need some sent their way.

  9. Georgia does look wonderful! Its great to see her doing so well.

    Wait a ding dong second….you are Out of Doors! Do you like it out there? I like the Out a lot! You don’t look scared but you’re big and tough and brave so I would expect you to like an adventure.

  10. Georgia looks great! I was going to say somefing witty and wonderful, but, eh, I got nuffin. – Miles

  11. Georgia looks very good for her age. What does she do to keep in such great health? Does she have a special diet, drink non-chlorinated water, do yoga or exercise often, have a handsome younger Mancat in her life (Tigger’s available, wink, wink)? We younger cats want to know, so we can look and feel as spry as her when we age. My mom always says, if you want to know something, ask someone who is personifying that and Georgia is a perfect example.

  12. Since I can barely get posts done during the week, I daresay a Saturday would be out for me. I’m going to Busch Gardens tomorrow!

    However, I wanted to stop by and see my favorite presidential candidate and newlywed and say hello!

  13. Hi Cheysuli–
    Georgia looks like a real nice, country-bred old gal. Yeah, old lady cats usually just don’t care if they annoy us, do they? Momma says it’s their right and they’ve earned the right to wear red hats. I have no idea what that means.
    I look forward to hearing your answer to my candi-cat question!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  14. Georgia looks very nice. 19 or 20, wowie
    We are 16 and Georgia makes 19 or 20 look like “the new 15”, so we must be the “new 11”.

    Georgia’s tail seems to be messing with your ears. Not cool

    happy Friday

  15. I posted my comment. The fact you are out with Georgia tells me you aren’t breed biased, although the ears suggest maybe….


  16. I am very glad that Georgia is doing so well.

  17. Whoa, Georgia is twice my age and looks grate! I can only hope I look dat good in 10 years.

  18. I love going out, too. Georgia looks very well, and you’re beautiful, as usual. Wish I had some smart comments to make, but I’m still a bit woozy from the catnip. Purrs!

  19. Hi, Chey. I can’t believe Georgia is 19 or 20. She looks fantastic! I hope I look as good when I reach her age.

  20. Georgia is looing very good. From the position of your head and ears, I deduce that Georgia just let off a really stinky one.

  21. Just do us a favor and don’t run away from your house while you’re out there. It would be tough to find you to vote for you. Plus, I’d have to wonder if you’d gone nutso if you ran off from having cat staff to feed you and spoil you and type for you. I don’t think I want a nutso presidential candidate, or worse, president.

    Georgia is looking good, too, by the way. Don’t let her run off either, please. Geriatric care would become a big stinkball issue if that happened.


  22. My first comment for feature saturday is: wow! 20 years young!

    Then my second comment is: whoa! Georgia really did eat the chili!

  23. Love Latte’s comment “wait a ding dong second”. What’s a ding dong second?

  24. We’re too tired today to think of something special and interesting but we did want to say that Georgia looks very good for her age.

  25. Yes, us old girls rock!

    Just remember to be nice to her. Us old girls don’t have much patience. 🙂

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