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newspaperkukka.jpgYes, it’s Georgia. Cheysuli is not writing today. She’s been sent to the kitty hospital to calm down after the whole Kukka-Maria thing. She can be frail cat at times. Of course she is working on the debate, writing up international cat voting rules and now this. I think Kukka was her stress reducer and now that that’s gone, well, you know.

The place she is at is expecting quite a number of cats, I guess. The younger generation. I can’t imagine being so hooked on a blog that I couldn’t live. Go out and chase a squirrel I say! It’s good for you!.


  1. Oh poor Chey! I too am very upset about Kukka, reading her blog was always a fun peak into the world of celebrities.

    Georgia, please tell Chey I’ll be flying out there to be with her through the whole ordeal. I’ll bring plenty of sparkle balls with me.

  2. Oh. My. GAWD! I never knew my retirement would cause such turmoil! I’ll have to fly in and calm Chey down!

    I’m only going to stop blogging, Chey! I’m not being euthanized!

    Poor Cheysuli…I can’t help but make it all about me and be flattered!

  3. Poor Chey. 🙁 I hope she recovers quickly. Thanks for letting us know Georgia.

    I guess I need to stop by Kukka-Maria’s! I didn’t realize that she was going to stop blogging.

  4. Georgia, you are a very good reporter.

  5. were gonna have to stop by kukkas blog tonight. sissy cant see it from work, she didnt realize about kukka. we lufs kukkas blog and think shes the funniest cat in the blogosphere.

    thanks for letting us know georgia.

  6. I am so sorry to hear of your breakdown. I did not think Kukka would actually go thru with it. We will miss her. Perhaps she will be back. Sometimes the whole paparazzi thing is too much to handle.

    Chey, honey do some Rescue Remedy in a shot of tequila.

  7. Oh gosh Chey! I sorry yoo hadta go to the hospittle. Do they haf any beans there? Do yoo see my Mommy there? I always fink she’s gone to the hospittle when I can’t find her easy. I’s sure Latte can make yoo feel better tho. 🙂 We’ll all be purrin for yoo!
    Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

  8. oh no! but we think Zevo’s on the right track – tequila.

  9. oh dear, oh dear not a good state of affairs. I hope she doesn’t shave off all her fur and a very public breakdown like britney.


  10. Oh my goodness. This is sad news indeed. Rescue remedy and tequila works wonders.

    Luf, Us

  11. Brace yourself, my dear Chey. We’re all purring for you to get over your obsession with Kukka. Although that will be hard for me, too, as I have always relished her delicious revelations from a distance. Full disclosure: I turned down an invite to be part of her tomcat stable, pleading that I’m a contemplative, middle-aged bachelor cat. Be well, sweet Chey!

    Uncle Aloysius

  12. AWWWW poor Chey! I hope you will be ok….

  13. For sure lots of tequila. Some drops of Rescue Remedy. Poor Cheysuli, we hope you feel better soon!

  14. Miles is furry traumatized too – Kukka was his ferst love. – Sammy

  15. Oh my, Chey, we didn’t know. Calm down and take deep breaths. I hope you are better for the debates.

  16. Chey rest up, the world is not ending. Like Kukka says, she will still be around. You have to pull yourself together my dear. You are going to be the leader of the free world.

  17. This is terrible! Oh, Cheysuli, rest and feel better soon!

  18. Poor Chey! Hospital food sucks so get better soon.

  19. You are a good reporter, Georgia. I hope Cheysuli recovers completely by the time of the debate. It would be a tragedy if Chey didn’t do well in the debate because she was upset about Kukka-Maria.

  20. Oh dear ~

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