A Day Off

I’m quite sorry that I won’t be visiting as many of my pals as I like to.  Today we have guests. Two of those guests are dogs. I’m not sure about that.  Anyway they should be gone tomorrow afternoon and I can go back to being nosy again.

<>We were worried how Georgia would do but she’s been doing  better than any of us expected. Of course, we keep the baby gate between her and the dogs, but she’s quite content with that.


  1. Enjoy your visitors!!

  2. I am glad that Georgia is content with having a baby gate between her and the dogs. Have fun with your guests. Some dogs are fun to play with.

  3. Well I know I always miss you when you’re busy but I knew that when I married you. Have a nice sniff of your visitors for me!

  4. Will it work? Let’s see ….

  5. Figures, now it works. Before we weren’t getting to the word verification screen. Oh well, it works!! Yay!

  6. Oooh, woofies are not our favorite. Good luck, have fun, and see you when you have time again.

  7. Chey, I think it’s good campaigning to associate with dogs for a few days. Show that you empathize with all species. 🙂

  8. Chey, Meowmy had the weirdest dream last night! She said you came to stay with us for a while and it was before my hoo-ha-ectomy and we had kittens! She said it was a very weird dream!

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