Early Friday

For some reason Skittles and Sly think I’m the only cat running for office and have tossed their hat in the ring. I think if they want to run, that’s fine, however I am NOT the only cat. Cato is also running. Of course, I am not unopposed as there are a good half dozen democrats and a dozen republicans who are also running for president in 2008. I will of course be part of the party of Meezers for Total World Domination.

At any rate, Skittles would like to debate. I think we ought to invite Cato to the debate as he is a front running cat as well.

I suggest we have the cat blogosphere write a post to solicit the questions cats want to know most. The top three questions will be chosen by one of the cat blogosphere cats and each cat will post the answers to the question on their blog on the same day. The following day, each cat can post a followup based on the other candidate’s responses. I nominate Sanjee to do the questions, as she is neither meezer nor tabby, we won’t have anyone screaming favorites!

<> Oh and don’t forget:  the cat with the most intriguing comment today gets to be Saturday’s Guest Star!  Do you have what it takes?


  1. You’re such a good organizer Chey. I think this is a fabulous idea but of course in my opinion there is no need to debate or even run an election- you win!

  2. We fink that is a great debate idea Chey! Miles was going to say somefing witty and wonderful today, but he’s not feeling well so all he can say is “uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh pfffffffffttttttttttt tooey” not ‘zaktly Shakes-peer. – Sammy

  3. I think a debate would be very fun! Just be very careful not to do a meezer scream, because it might sound like Howard Dean. And you know what happened to his campaign after he screamed.

  4. Chey, while I was choosing a bottom for my pink tankini from Lands End, my campaign manager pointed out that my blog was getting hits from your site. What do I find, but there is a move afoot to debate. Talking is my greatest strength! I can talk all day. I also have strong opinions about everything especially food. Let the debate(s) begin! Cato

  5. Chey, your debate plan sounds perfect to me! 🙂 I’m not very witty or funny, so I doubt I’ll ever be your chosen comment, but that’s okay. “Meezers for Total World Domination” party, Chey? I thought you represented ALL cats, and not just Meezers.

  6. Can I join Meezers for Total world Domination please? Or will that conflict with my desire to be King of the Universe? Decisions, decisions!

    A debate sounds fun though, great idea!

  7. Dear Chey,

    I defer to you on the hows and wheres of the debate. Your choice.

    I just met Cato yesterday. Thank you for pointing out there is another candidate. Perhaps we could issue an invitation to any other cats running for President to speak up and join the debate.

    You may discover there are many subtle, and not so subtle differences in our platforms. That’s why debates are good!

    Skittles, The Huntress
    The American Patriot Cat Party

  8. Chey I see you have taken over the other dragon position on the rug. Total Meezer domination with a side of Ginger cat to help out.

  9. I think a debate is a great idea. I look forward to reading it.

  10. What’s D-bait? Is that fur catchin fishies if yur A, B, an C baits don’t werk? I don’t get it bout politicks.

    Mom says B$ isn’t findin the code on our blog so it’s still not “claimed” as hers. Also, if we added the blog to B$ on 5/28, how did sumone buy shares around 5/18??

  11. Wonderful, Chey! Things are moving along well but, just as I thought, voters are questioning if the “Meezer” party is too limiting. Now, I have nothing against Meezers, but you may need to convince the voters that you can represent every breed plus just plain old domestic long or shorthairs, like most of us.

    Also you must have an answer for voters outside the US. Will a special exception be made in voting rules to accomodate them?


  12. Chey, Mom sent your mom an email at the quantum life styles address fingy. Purrs!

  13. Cats for total world domination just doesn’t sound as good… Any suggestions?

  14. We’re backing yoo Chey, but as we’re not meezers, we fink it should be all poodins too. What about Total Feline World Domination?

  15. Indeed, what about felines for total world domination? A good thought…

  16. Personally, I think it only makes sense that a Cat should run thiings. Cats have much higher self esteem than humans and therefore would make wiser decisions. Cats understand that there is an order of things and accept it. For example, in our house, Catzee understands that I am Top Cat and lets me have first dibs on whatever I want. Yet, she is perfectly free to bop Me, pounce Me, or ambush Me whenever she feels like it. Cats wouldn’t squabble over who’s right, who’s more important, or who’s getting favors. We all know what we’re worth. And when in doubt, we’d all take a bath and a nap.

  17. Chey, you are to be saluted for your small-d democratic attitude toward your competition. A candidate of quality shouldn’t be scared of competitors of equality, and you are being very inclusive. (I’d write that you’re telling them all “Bring it on!” but that phrase has probably been retired.)

  18. My question is I wanna know why the humans get to decide when the kitties get to go out. Why should they be in charge. If I wanna go out then why can’t I go out?

  19. I would like to join as a party member of Meezers for World Domination.

  20. I already dominate my world. How about universe domination?

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