Wednesday Wedding News

Ah as things get closer, it gets so much more exciting and stressful!   I have a pedicure planned for the day before so that my nails will be divine. I’ve decided to treat all my girls to pedicures.  Of course, my human normally does this. I’m not sure how she’ll like doing Carmen‘s nails…   I should let her know that my human doesn’t exactly know reflexology but she’s gives a great foot massage, or so I’ve heard. I’m not keen on foot massage. I prefer back rubs.

I’m not sure if Latte is having a stag party or not.  I’m not even sure what’s going on. I’m sure that Chase will make sure he’s taken care of!

I’ve decided on catnip mice with our names and the date on them for wedding favors.  I have an assortment of colors. My girls, as they are mostly pink ladies will get pink mice favors.

I was going to have my hair done in a special way, but I figured if John Edwards could accidentally spend $400 on a hair cut, then what would they charge me to have my hair done?!  I have decided my usual look is fine enough. I wouldn’t want to make the cliche of drop dead gorgeous true on my wedding day…


  1. Chey, you can tell your human that I already got my nails done. 🙂 The place I go does “nail art” on the big toenail. Maybe they can paint your picture on my toes next time for the wedding!

  2. you have such great ideas for your wedding, chey! it’s going to be the wedding of the year!

  3. It sounds like a good plan! Pink cat-nip mice and NO $400 haircuts…
    I prefer back rubs too. Actually, my feet (paws) are very sensitive, so I don’t like when anyone touches them. Are your paws super sensitive too?


  4. Is your human really good? Usually it takes one human to hold me down and another to clip my claws while I’m fighting. Maybe for the wedding I will be good.

    Sigh…Man Cats. I’ve been telling Chase he needs to get on the Bachelor Party but he’s really lazy and just sleeps. Maybe I should just help him plan it?? I know Latte said he doesn’t want anything that would get him into trouble with you. I told him he’s smart!

  5. Chey, this is so exciting! I’m single but am keen on a lovely girlcat of the tabby variety. You’re going to make a gorgeous bride and you’re also very realistic! Latte is a lucky mancat!

  6. Wowee! A wedding? This must be the furrst feline blogger wedding efer, right? Right? This is BIG! Do you haf security to keep the paparazzi away?

  7. Those favours sound wonderful Chey! 🙂 Very exciting! 🙂

    BTW, I’ve nominated you for the Thinking Blogger award. 🙂 Details on my blog. 🙂

  8. You will look divine! I will send over one of the stylists from Sassoon to do your hair…. no charge! They owe me for making them famous.

    ciao ciao

  9. Oh Chey, you do not need a fancy hairdo to look gorgeous! Catnip mice sounds like the perfect favors!

  10. Fiona Bun says:

    It’s getting so close to the wedding date! Are buns allowed?

  11. I feel I’ve stumbled into a parallel universe, but a very pleasant one. My cats send their regards (and so does my d-o-g).
    Best wishes,

  12. It sounds like you have everything under control. my mommy is very impressed your plans are coming along so smoothly.

  13. The catnip mice sound like lovely wedding party favors! great idea!!

    You do not need to have a special hair style. You look naturally wonderful

  14. The Boys think it will be simply divine, …
    no need of a stylist.. You set the style

  15. I have nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award!!! If you want to participate, stop by my blog and pick up your award and read all about it!

  16. Oh heavens, Chey, perfection can’t be improved by a haircut! You are perfectly perfect just the way you are!

  17. My but you sound busy Chey. I agree with the others, just be your naturally beautiful self.

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