Wednesday Wedding News

So it’s time for my weekly wedding update.  I had a fantastic shower.   I want to thank every cat who managed to make it. It was indeed delightful.  Gemini may have been wrong about Oprah and Kukka in the same room at the same time. We found pieces of the dress Oprah wore in the ladies room at one point and it looked like a tiny bit of cat toe nail as well.

Other than that, Latte and I had a wonderful time talking with our guests and opening the many many hundreds of gifts that we were given.  In fact, from some of the more famous people who were unable to make it, gifts are still coming in.    I don’t want to be rude, but I have no idea who gave me the bamboo vegetable steamer. I am a cat, you know. I don’t eat vegetables…

I’ve gotten the photographers narrowed down, the invitations ordered and I’m making the final decisions on the wedding singers and band.


  1. Can’t wait to hear the final detais….

    Also, loved the blog ideas, with real estate the way it is, I would find that one particularly interesting.


  2. Very exciting! 🙂 I’m glad you had a nice shower, Chey. 🙂

  3. glad you had a nice shower Chey! Um, maybe you could steam fish in the beggie steamer!

  4. I think the veggie steamer came from Stella McCartney. She gave me one for my birthday too. You know how those vegetarians are.

    ciao for now,

  5. Fun! I’m glad you had a nice shower. Can catnip be steamed??? I agree with zevo, probably Stella McCartney

  6. That Stella! What will she do next?

    I hope you find a good photographer, that is very important.

  7. Fiona Bun says:

    Whoops – you may want to exchange my gift as well then. I thought everyone liked veggies. Bun mistake.

  8. Glad the wedding preparations are going swimmingly, darling – as for the vegetable steamer, well, if it is made out of bamboo then perhaps it could pass as a scratching implement? Just a thought! 😉 xx

  9. It was probably those bunnies. Those cute little bunnies are always eating vegetables.
    just smelling veggies makes me gag. But i do love creamy salad dressings, mmmmmm

    We are thrilled that you had a wonderful shower. We are so excited about the wedding.
    Well, the band has to be something jazzy, in my opinion. You want something happy. My kollig girl plays jazzy piano and we love it. She might be famous one day… because not only can she play, but she is so cute.

    good luck with the final preparations. They lovely day is drawing near!

    Love, Princess

  10. Hmmm, yes you’d think people would give more practical gifts…like a self-cleaning litterbox or a lifetime supply of treats.


  11. We are getting so excited for you, and can’t wait for the Big Day. Just a thought, but we have heard that mouse has a more delicate flavour when it is steamed.

  12. It sounds like you’ve got things well in hand, Chey. I hope it wasn’t Mom who sent you that vegetable steamer.

  13. Hey, just because it says it’s a vegetable steamer doesn’t mean you can’t steam meat in it. Shrimp are delicious steamed. I am glad you had such a nice shower.

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