Wednesday Wedding News

Ah Wednesday again.   The woman said she was too tired to blog last night to get this out and this morning the cable was down.

Still, I have ordered invitations.  Gemini has been frantically planning my bridal shower.  We’re planning on having a simple little shower for all my friends at the Space Needle.   You are all invited. It’s on Saturday the 21st.

Latte and I are registering at some of the most fashionable places.   We have gone for more of a linens thing than anything else.  After all, what would cats do with fine china and crystal, although we have asked our humans for matching Waterford catfood dishes.   Other than that, who has the need?  Linens, however… blankets are delightfully warm and snuggly and well you can never have too many freshly washed towels.

Of course we are offering to allow guests to donate to Best Friends instead of just giving us wedding gifts.  At my shower though, well I plan to be showered, if you know what I mean.


  1. Oh don’t worry Chey! Gemini will give you a wonderful shower and I’ve got my teleporting all lined up. I can’t wait to help shower you with gifts!

  2. Oh, the Space Needle? I have always wanted to go there. That sounds FUN!!!

  3. Oooh a wedding shower, how exciting!

  4. My friends and i would be happy to provide “entertainment” for your shower. I am sure we will have some wonderful gifts too after our trip from Italy and France. Hope to see you all at my party.

    ciao ciao


  5. Sounds like da planning is going smoothly!

  6. You might want some nice crystal for your water as well, I love drinking water out of a fine piece of stemware!

    Can’t wait! Mom was at the Space Needle a few weeks back, but they wouldn’t let her go up, cause there was a private party. I guess you will be able to do the same!


  7. I think asking guests to donate to Best Friends is a wonderful idea! 🙂

    The wedding shower sounds very exciting. 🙂 Will there be a bachelor party for Latte?

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