Wednesday Wedding News

So I’m running a bit behind on my usual Wednesday Wedding update.

Latte and I have managed to pare down our list to our closest 25,000 friends and admirers.   It’s been tough and you can’t imagine the stress of realizing the wonderful people we will have to leave out.   Of course, Disneyworld is BIG but we can only marry in one part which limits the number who can really SEE the wedding.  Disney recommended the number and we’ve decided to stick with it.

I have some more people who are invited to the reception only and can enjoy the rides later on.

I have picked out catnip scented invitations and they should be going out in the mail soon.   Hopefully Gemini will be there to help me address them all.  Can you imagine.  My poor toes if I have to do all 25,000 myself!


  1. Wow, I have never seen a catnip-scented invitation before. Very good choice!

  2. yikes!! that’s a lot of writing – maybe you should hire someone to do it for you

  3. Wow, you and Latte are having a huge wedding! I hope you get some help with the invitations!

  4. Here is a thought……send out blanket email invitiations……yeah…….


  5. 25,000, huh? Well, that should be a nice, cozy group.

  6. I know, it was so hard to cut it down to 25,000! Kaze says she’ll help address with you girls! I can’t guarantee her attention span however…

  7. Wow, just a small, intimate wedding for all of your furiends. Sounds like fun.

  8. Catnip scented invitations. How fun!!
    Your page looks okay.
    Have a great Thursday

  9. I have been following and have decided to comment because I’m getting excited about all the upcoming festivities! You’ll make a lovely bride!

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