Site Update

Suddenly while I was changing stuff around, wordpress decided the background should be gray. I don’t know why. I could find nothing in the code.  We removed all changes, but wordpress decided it liked that theme gray.  We had to disagree and went looking for a new theme, which we found.

I’ve been trying to keep my links up dated but I know I don’t have everyone who comes by the blog. Some days the human isn’t willing to sit there and do my links as quickly as she should. We were hoping that if you are a regular or even occassional visitor and we don’t have you linked, you would let us know in the comments and then I’ll have you all in one place and the woman can sit down and do that work.

You didn’t think I’d work *my* paws to the bone doing that, did you?  Of course, I already did watching her make all the customized changes on *this* theme.  We’ll see how long it lasts!


  1. I like this theme!

  2. I love the new look of the blog! Much easier on my old mom’s eyes.

    Sounds like the wedding plans are coming along nicely!


  3. It looks wonderful. I love the color. It almost matches my eyes.

    My pet human has been way too busy to do much for my site. Maybe i should hire yours…..

    ciao for now,

  4. I like it a lot. I really like how you have a column on each side.

  5. Chey, I like the look of your new blog, it looks great!

  6. We love the new look, just wish our Mom was html literate so that she can make out site look this good.

  7. Well I’m on there, and THAT’s all that matters, right. 🙂 (kidding)

    I think your human did a pretty good job for you. I’d give her an extra head butt.

  8. I like the new theme. We use Blogrolling, which suddenly started werkin again around 3/1. That way, Mom only has to click a butten to add sites to our lists. But she’s way behind on finishin puttin all our sidebar stuff back on our blog after doin our template last week. Sumfing bout doing tackses an werk an stuff.

  9. Hi Chey!

    Happy Easter! I like the theme, the blue scheme is very nice.

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