No $400 haircuts

It’s all over the news that John Edwards, who normally I admire, got a $400 haircut.  He says that he just didn’t ask the price and he should have!  I bet he should have.

As a cat, of course, I don’t have to worry about this $400 haircut thing because, well, I don’t get haircuts.  Rumor has it that Hilary claimed the same thing.  However, I am not just not recalling ever having a haircut. I’m a cat–I don’t get hair cuts. I had my belly shaved once when I was spayed and while that was expensive, it wasn’t $400.

I’m less concerned that John Edwards paid $400 because he didn’t ask how much a hair cut was than I am with the fact that one has to ask how much a haircut is otherwise one will be charged $400.  What do you get with a $400 haircut?  Was his hair trimmed with solid gold scissors?   Was it washed in ultra pure water with a shampoo containing rare products from rain forests?  It’s not as if he had anything fancy on the styling.  It bothers me that anyone thinks that anyone–no matter who they are–should have to pay $400 for a haircut!


  1. Wow! That’s a very expensive haircut! I can’t imagine paying that much, just to have your hair cut. Of course, I don’t have any hair, so I will never need a haircut, but even so. That’s ridiculous!

  2. wow, mommy complains when she has to pay $35 for her haircuts!

  3. Maybe it was two $200 haircuts–one for each head?

  4. That is pretty crazy, I mean, $400 for a hair cut? And he doesn’t even have that much hair!

  5. This just proves how out of touch politicians are with the “real” America and why we need you in the White House, Chey! We know when you’re elected you’ll never spend our money on ridiculous things like a $400 haircut!

  6. Dear Chey,

    I don’t know ’bout haircuts or $400 but I know you’ve gotten me to think an’ so I’m awarding you the thinking blogger award. Come to my bloggie to see how to get it.


  7. I’m thinking there were a few other “services” provided for that $400.

  8. I am very happy that I get my hair cut for free, and Samantha would prefer that they didn’t give her one. Bebe too!

  9. Not sure about his fiscal policies if he spends that much money on a haircut.

  10. That is just silly. I mean, did they give him new hair? Maybe that would make sense but that is just silly.

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