More Importantly Should HUMANS vote

Back in March, owing to the cat voting scandal that was rocking the United States and parts of Britain and Europe, I discussed the question of whether or not cats should vote. After all, we had been allowed to vote many times on an issue and handled ourselves with less than perfect aplomb.

photo from ReutersYou know humans did vote in George Bush. They voted him in, because apparently the thought he looked like the kind of guy they could go have a beer with. Having voted him in as president, these humans have effectively prevented themselves from ever getting close enough to have a beer with this guy.

We do, however, get to have barroom brawls on the world scale and perhaps the nucleer scale as well…

Do humans make any sense when they vote. Many people have said this is an abberation. I say it’s typical foolish human behavior that means cats have to step in and sort them out.

Has anyone watched American Idol this season? They have some people who sing wonderfully. They have some not so great singers. And they have Sanjaya. And guess who’s still there? I don’t even know what their excuse is for this one. However, I rest my case.

Cats are far more qualified to vote than humans…


  1. Have you seen that hair person is predicted to win American Idol? I have no idea what goes through human minds. None at all….obviously we cats are FAR superior and its just becoming painfully obvious for the humans.

  2. OH NOOOOOOO… that dood with the mohawk CANNNOOOOTTT win! This is a grave situation…Cats should place their votes tonight! Anybody but freakhawk dood!

  3. Chey, you are so right. Cats have much more common sense than beans. Cats would never vote for Sanjaya!
    He is nice, but he cannot sing. Nope.

  4. Diva Kitty says:

    DKM had to stop watching or her grey matter was going to implode.

  5. Mommy is about to gif up watching American Idol too – she says if Sanjaya wins, she will move to France.

  6. I agree with you that MOST humas shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Except me, because Sanjaya would be gone and you’d be president. 😉

  7. Have you thought this through? If cats could vote, why not dogs? Why not ferrets? What about whales and polar bears? Wait, that might not be such a bad idea. If whales and polar bears could vote, we would have stopped gobal warming years ago.

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