Meezer Monday and In Memorium

img_0513.JPGIt’s another Monday and I have been thinking about a belated Memorium. I was saddened to learn that Kurt Vonnegut Jr. died last week. He was older than the average American, despite decades of smoking.

I am not sad so much that he died. By any account his life was full. He did what he was put here to do. I am sad that compared to such notables as Anna Nicole Smith, his death is but a footnote in the media. Remembering the ironic wit of Vonnegut, no doubt he expected that.

My human says, in a paper she wrote about Vonnegut in high school that he was quoted as saying something to the effect (25+ years is a long time for a human) that the purpose of life was to love whoever was around to be loved. There are few things more true than this.

Kurt Vonnegut was a generation’s writer. He survived the bombing of Dresden Germany. He protested in the era of Vietnam. He was still speaking out only a year ago when he wrote A Man Without a Country. He reminded us even then that we take ourselves too seriously. “Any subject is the subject to laughter, and I suppose there was laughter of a very ghastly kind by victims in Auschwitz.”

He suggested that rather than fight for the 10 Commandments in the halls of Justice that we post “Blessed are the Peacemakers” in the Pentagon.

Kurt Vonnegut was many things but never an elitist. I think he would appreciate even a cat saying, “So it goes.”

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 1922-2007.


  1. That’s a very nice tribute to Vonnegut, Chey. It is sad that his death has received very little coverage compared to that of other “celebrities”. I like his quote about the purpose of life. 🙂

  2. What a great tribute! ::waves her “paws” at Chey!::

  3. It says something (not good) about our society when the passing of Kurt Vonnegut is less remarked upon than Anna Nicole Smith. My Mommie still remembers reading Slaughterhouse Five in high school.

  4. Gweat twibute!
    If we cats were to be put in charge, I’m sure his death will weceive all the covewage and anna nicole smith’s none! But well, we geniuses are not in charge.

  5. That was a lovely tribute. We don’t see enough on the passings of important people.

    You’re so gorgeous!!

  6. Yes, Mom was saddened with the passing of Vonnegut…He wrote wonderful literature with resounding messages…Very nice tribute, Chey!

  7. I’m too lil to know ’bout them peoples. I jus’ came by to say hi to you Chey!

  8. WE agree about da issue of Anna Nicole Smith getting top press – there’s more about her in the news today than the shootings in Virginia! Shame!

  9. Thank you for this moving memorial, Chey. Kurt Vonnegut was a very great man. My mom has all his books on her bookshelf to read over and over again, and last night she took them all out and put them on her nightstand so she can start again. And it’s very scary when you think about how much the media shape the mindset of our country.


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