Meezer Monday

I’m glad that a post like Earth Day attracted so many cats to comment. I think everyone offered great suggestions in the comments. There are so many things one can do that you can’t possibly do all of them, if you’re a human.

Meezer Monday is here again and so I am showing off. This is another photo of me in my lovely collar that Mom Robyn made for my wedding. I’m not sure this is my best side, but considering I don’t have a bad one, I’m not too worried.

What I really want to know, is who found my site with the phrase “goat marriage”? And if I can ask–WHY GOOGLE? WHY?!


  1. “Goat marriage???” That IS a mystery!

    You do look lovely in that collar (though you look lovely without it also).

  2. Goat marriage? LOL

    the Woman got all excited today because she was surfing with Blog Explosion and landed here. Small things thrill her, but it was kinda cool…

  3. Fabulous darling, fabulous!

  4. Hey, that’s a cool picture of you, Chey! Great profile!

  5. Chey, great fur and great collar.

  6. GOAT MARRIAGE?? i didn’t know goats gotted married.
    Great collar!

  7. hmmmm

    Welll this is a great pose of you. very sweet and regal looking with that lovely collar!

  8. That is a stunning necklace. You will make a lovely bride.
    Keep on posing…….

  9. I think it’s a great angle for you! Shows your lovely profile. 🙂

  10. That’s a lovely photo Chey. 🙂 Your collar is beautiful! 🙂

  11. Oooohhhh….you’re sooooo pretty! Goodness you look like a queen in that beautiful collar!

    I’m not a goat….at least I don’t think I am.

  12. Chey, goats are cute, but you are stunningly beautiful, so not to worry – no one could ever mistake you for a goat. We’ve had people find our blog from Google searches for things like “deadly poison” and “cigarette holder” … and the really insulting phrase “ugly cats”!!


  13. Goat marriage?? That’s furry ree-dik-erous! You’re not marrying a goat! You’re marrying a furry handsome caring meezer!

  14. Goat mawwiage???
    that’s funny….

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