Meezer Monday

Well we got 57 comments for MS.  That leaves us at $28.50.  We’ll probably round that up to an even $30.00. Thanks for everyone for participating!  My goal is still 100 comments for some charity and I’ll always be leaving up the post until Monday so that anyone who misses out on the first day can comment over the weekend.

We had a pleasant weekend.   The geese woke us up on Saturday morning a bit on the early side, but it meant I got some breakfast.  I LOVE breakfast.

I was a bit in trouble this morning for playing with an old piece of paper I found.  I guess I was a bit noisy running around and woke up one of the humans.  I guess I really should learn to run and play some place other than the bedroom, no matter how much energy I have to burn off… after all I sat around all weekend checking on comments!


  1. We get booted out of Mom’s bedroom often for playing too rough in the wee hours of the morning…We don’t like it, either…

  2. Concatulations to the commentathon.

  3. Congrats on the good work.
    You deserve a holiday… come visit us in Paris this weekend. There will be lots of celebrities that could donate to your campaign….plus you would have so much fun!
    Bring Gemini too.. she is such a great dancer.

    ciao ciao
    zevo & friends

  4. I’m glad to hear you had a nice weekend. 🙂 $30 for MS is great!

    Humans just don’t appreciate it when we play in the bedroom. Silly humans.

  5. Well I find running over the humans while they are sleeping is the most affective. I do that A LOT so I don’t know why they would want to be left alone.

  6. Congratulations on your commentathon! We understand why you would want to do all that running. Especially if it gets you breakfast. We love breakfast too!

  7. Looks like you are giving the piece of paper your laser eyes! Congrats on your commentathon!

  8. Breakfast was very disappointing for us this weekend. The Lady had oatmeal.

  9. Silky’s funny – if she finds a receipt from a store, she’ll carry it delicately around in her teeth. But I, like you, prefer to attack paper.

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