Keep Our Pets Safe

Join the keep our pets safe Cybermarch.


And head over to Pets In Need to see what else you can do.

If you have lost a pet due to any of these food recalls, they are having a mailing campaign, called my pet counts too.  Check it out at Pets In Need (scroll down the page) or at Itchmo or Pet Connection.
Additionally, there have been more recalls and some of these have been from some very reputatable manufacturers.   Check out the Cat Blogosphere for more information.   Solid Gold is still safe and even Newman’s Own has done okay.  Thank heavens.  Those are our faves.


  1. We kitties and woofies need to unite! Stand up to the industry and let them know we have a voice! MEEEOOOWWW!

  2. yep. Hopefully this will never happen again…
    It is very sad that kitties and doggies suffered because of this disaster!


  3. Thanks so much for this info. I will pass it on. This is getting scary.

    I am soo happy Solid Gold is still safe as itis what we use herre and what I recommend to patients.

    jeanie marie

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