I’m so Honored!

We ran around this morning working on a new blog fix for our template.  The woman was concerned about how it loaded and was looking for one with a similar look to our last one that loaded the way she wanted it to–with the content first and then the sidebar stuff so that people could actually read our posts in peace.

Anyway we rushed through our visiting. I just noticed that Princess Mia had a new blog post and imagine my surprise to find ME honored there! And such a lot of information she has on me there. What a fine fine cat she is.  I highly recommend all of you to go over there and say hello!


  1. I love Princess Mia’s feline Fridays! Girl power!

  2. What a neat idea, Female Feline Friday. She should put that on the Cat Blogosphere so we know about it! I’ll need to visit more often. And you, dear Chey, were a perfect one to be honored!

  3. I liked your tribute on Princess Mia’s blog. She has a wonderful idea there. I like your new look on your blog.

  4. Yes – that was a nice honor to you on Princess Mia’s bloggy. She am so nice isn’t she?

  5. My Mom has spent several fussing over her own blog and giving it a new look, so I know all about this. Frankly I think yours looks great. Even better than the old one.

  6. Diva Kitty says:

    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts ~DKM

  7. Thanks for introducing me to a new cat blog – I don’t think I had visited Princess Mia before. Congratulations on being honoured. 🙂

  8. Hi Chey! Yes, I figured out that I have to allow anonymous comments so you can comment on my blog :). So now I can hear right from you. Of course I like Gemini too, but not like you!

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