Frootbat Friday

Well it’s been a long week.  The human male doesn’t understand why I get tired. As the woman explained, I have to sit on her all day long, day in and day out.  She moves a lot, which means I have to move.  How can I ever get any rest?!

Oh and thank you Latte for yet another mention on the Thinking Blogger!  This is amazing how many folks think that I am  such a thinker! It bodes well for my presidency. How many of these nominations do you think Dubya got?


  1. That is a great photo, Chey! Happy Friday!

  2. Be still my heart!!! I wish I could come over and smell your breath. I bet it smells really interesting! I’m the luckiest cat in the world!!!!!!!

  3. I have to sit on my mommy all day too. That’s a wonderful pikshur

  4. Lovely picture of you.
    I need a nap.

  5. Gosh Chey, you do look a little tired. But then look at everything you’ve had on your mind. Fortunately, after the wedding is over, you’ll be able to take a short break before you start campaigning full time.


  6. Poor Chey, dad’s sumtimes just don’t get it. Take a nap, yoo deserve it.

  7. That is su cute…and Chey…you do derserve to have a nice nap..

  8. You look very comfortable in your bed Chey. 🙂 Lovely yawn!

  9. honestly, I completely understand your being exhausted. Humans arent very good at sitting still and it is very tiring being in a state of semi conciousness day in and day out.


  10. It’s all that wedding planning, darn it! You can go back to only 20 hours of sleep a day when all that is over. 😉

  11. You look like you’re singing an old Nivana tune, “Smells Like Teen Spirit!” I hope that doesn’t make you mad, you’re very beautiful!!! You’re going to make one gorgeous bride!

  12. Dubya? 0.

    I hope you get some good rest this weekend.

  13. It really looks to me as if you are singing opera style.


  14. You haf such a purrty yawn. Makes me wanna yaaaaaaawwwn too.

  15. Dubya’s nominations were mis-counted in Florida due to confusion regarding the nomination rules. An anyway, you haf to haf a brain to fink.
    Luvly yawn!

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