Frightened Friday

Normally I’d have a photo. However, someone vomited a large pile of vomit right where the human male puts his feet when he sits at his desk. It was quite smelly, according to him.  He cleaned it up but is wondering who did it.  There has been talk of water boarding.

I decided it best to hide…


  1. hmmmm I wonder how that happened?
    at least it wasn’t something else
    We hope the fright eases off soon…
    Have a wonderful Friday

  2. hmmmmm yeah, that same fing happened in mommy bedroom the ofurr day – it was a HUGE cirkle and mommy hadded to run her spot bot twice to get it out

  3. Hiding was a good choice. 🙂

    How did I miss the shower? Waaaaah!

  4. Oh my! Probably a good idea to hide, Chey. I hope whoever was sick is feeling better now.

  5. I hate bomit.

  6. When I throw up, it’s usually because my humans have neglected to brush my fur for a few days. So, if you haven’t had a good grooming lately, you can present the defense that it’s the humans’ fault. You know, as a Presidential candidate, you need to have a budget for professional grooming–just like John Edwards.

  7. uh-oh, did he put his feet IN IT by accident? My Tall Man did that… twice….
    Yes, I hid the second time!

  8. A wise decision. Especially since he seems so unreasonable about it.

  9. Hiding seems like a good idea, specially when the Beans step in it and it all squishes up between their toes.

  10. Hiding sounds like the best idea to me. I hope whoever vomited is feeling better now.

  11. Hope the upset tummies are better. Best to hide while the situation blows over.

  12. Heh. Good job, whoever the offender was 🙂

  13. Heck, yes, hiding was the best option in a situation like that.

  14. Oh no!! I think it’s best to hide too, those humans never appreciate vomit!

  15. Oh dear! HIDE! But good job whoever did it!

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