Bloggers Choice Awards

I know, I have been nominated for a Bloggers Choice Award. You can vote for several nominees in one category. I hope that I get some more votes. However, more importantly, I want to spread the word that Kukka Maria and Zeus are both nominated as well. Kukka Maria was already nominated and I feel she’s not had nearly enough votes for the popularity of her blog.  I signed up myself to vote for her.

Zeus wasn’t listed at all but I nominated him for both the animal blogger and blogitzer awards. Blogitzer is the best writing in a blog. I’m not sure either he or Marina will feel that they are up to that one but I think that of all the cats, their blog is one that most fits that bill. Few of us are as literate as Zeus and his human, although I think if Kukka left off the vodka sometimes she might give him a run for his money….

Let Kukka be a lesson to you kittens. I could be your cat. Kukka could be your cat on drugs. Any questions?

Good now go vote for all three of us over at the blogger’s choice awards


  1. I voted for all of the cat bloggers but I especially voted for you!

  2. Why thank you Latte! It’s lovely to know that I have a few admirers!

  3. I hope ya win Chey!

  4. Thank you Catzee! That’s very nice of you.

  5. Good luck to all of you! 🙂 I’ve voted for all the cat bloggers. 🙂

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