Blog Ideas that Didn’t Make It

While searching around online, I found a wonderful list of potential niche blog ideas. The writer said that to make it work, you should take two or three of the ideas and run them together to make the perfect blog.

I found cats, of course, so we should start there as I’m a cat.

How about:

  • Feline Real Estate Gossip
  • Feline Trucking (to broad?) Feline Trucking Reviews
  • Feminism For Cats Living Green
  • Feline Sports Heroes
  • Cats in the Criminal Justice System
  • Careers for Activist Cats (I plan on starting this on this one if I ever get time!)
  • Scholarships for Cats
  • Internet Marketing for Felines
  • Investing your Party with Spirituality for Cats

I kind of think these all have some merit, but I just don’t have the time to do all this blogging. I also suspect a few of them are a bit too niche related, though have hopes for the Activist Cats Career blog!


  1. I think Mao can do the blog on Cats in the Criminal Justice System!

  2. hmm Felilne Trucking reviews. Our metal monster wif wheels is a “pick’em up truck” so I guess we qualify for that blog!

  3. I like the one about feminism for cats living green!

  4. Those are interesting ideas! I like the following: Feminism For Cats Living Green, Feline Sports Heroes, Careers for Activist Cats and Internet Marketing for Felines. I think those would make interesting blogs! 🙂

  5. I am sure you could make each one of those a success if you put your fabulous meezer mind to it. Ditto to Daisy: Mao really needs to start blogging about criminal activities!

  6. I think a blog on investing real estate would be excellent. It is a buyer market, and this is a great time to snap up a good deal
    Internet marketing is also an intriguing topic. I ma very interested!


  7. Hahahaha! We’ll have to try that!

  8. I think you could make any of those a success! Myself, I like to focus on my favorite two things: food and napping.

  9. Chey, with your wit and wisdom, I’m sure you could be successful with any of these ideas. If you go with Activist Cats, count me in! I have experience protesting and riling up the cat nation.


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