Valentine’s Day Gift

Well if I could get my human to get off her behind and post some photos that would be nice… I got the most lovely Valentine’s day gift from Latte Meezer. It’s a great big red heart with catnip.  It’s quite good catnip too.   The Woman could smell it as she walked down the stairs!

Gemini keeps attacking it.   But I know it’s mine.   After all everything is.  Latte says it’s okay as I took her bed. However, as I said, everything is mine.  So of course the bed is mine as well.   So is all the food!

I’m disappointed that it looks as if his family won’t be at the Valentine’s Day party.  However, it’s a mid week thing and I’m sure I have other stuff to do what with the whole presidential thing heating up.

<> I just went to Latte’s page and saw him wearing that cool shirt.   I love the way he looks in it.   I was so excited I went and hacked up a fur ball.   I love making the Woman work!


  1. I’m glad you like the heart Chey! It is the best nip I’ve ever tried. We have the banana and I’m very destructive whenever I get near it so only Chase is allowed to play with it. He slobbers all over it so I don’t really want it then anyway.

    I’m very very sorry I won’t be at the party. I’m so MAD the people are going away. Meowmy is going to try try try to help us from long distance but she says Friday they will be driving 3 hours up to Orlando and 3 hours back to make the whole trip a “business trip” by going to the International Home Builders Show. What bad timing for a business trip!


  2. Those catnip hearts are GREAT!

  3. ooh – that sounds lovely. make that woman get with it on the pictures – we wanna see!

  4. Latte looks great in his shirt! Too bad about the party, but if you want to go you can hang out with Max and me. I’m not sure if Kukka will be there so we may have lots of free time.


  5. Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, I’ll do my best to bite her some place that hurts enough to get her working…. but not so hard she takes to her bed..!

    George, that sounds wonderful. No doubt I’l be around. I definitely want to get my face out there so I’m recognized everywhere!

  6. I had to go check out Latte’s shirt real quick – too cool, Chey! What nice gifts! I’m sorry Latte can’t come to the party.

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