Still working on the Resolutions

So I wanted to take another moment to acknowledge the prize winners of my contest and to check in with how well I’ve been doing.  Tiggerprr, OC and Carma were winners.

Their first one was easy as I’m not a big nip fan. I get high just thinking about ME.  Anyway although Latte did send me that catnip heart, it’s well known that Gemini has commandeered it and played with it to death.

I think that making Latte a regular fixture in my life should keep any sex scandals from touching me. I do have three litters of kittens who might come out, but the fact that I have kittens from former Toms (chosen not by me but my breeder) is a well known fact. I have since given up that life. I think it makes me more appealing to the masses.

I am becoming quite good at saying one thing and doing another. I sit quietly on the woman’s lap and then give her an annoyed meow.  She thinks I’m purring and acting as if I like being on her lap, but the meow really says how displeased I am about not being fed…

I think I’m doing quite well…


  1. You really are doing a great job of sticking to your resolutions! I commend you wholeheartedly. Oh, and don’t worry about the other Toms and kittens, that just shows your past life and how hard you’ve worked to overcome obstacles- that appeals to the masses.

  2. Latte has a good point Chey. Anytime an obstacle is overcome it shows fortitude, good for your image and aspirations.

  3. You are so cute!! I am glad you are doing a good job.

  4. I must commend you on working so hard on your resolutions – in fact, just reading about all your work is making me feel tired. I must go nap now. (For you, you understand.)

  5. Children have never been a negative for a presidential candidate before, so as long as yours don’t drag you into any scandals, I think you’ll be OK! Proving you know how to be a good mother will be a plus in the eyes of the female voters.

  6. You are doing such a great job with the resolutions! 🙂 I stole the button, and will be posting it shortly in my sidebar! 🙂

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