Nurse Chey

Well, as those of you who read Gemini’s blog know, Georgia is having a hard time.  Yesterday she started up the stairs but was having a hard time. I was there.   She was walking against the wall, the only wall on  the stairwell but it’s on the side that she’s more stable on so she kept falling over. I kept pace with her up the stairs so that she wouldn’t fall so far and perhaps hurt herself.

<> Now, having done my public service for the week, I am off to wash a paw and nap…


  1. you is a furry good meezer Chey. I usded to do that wif Trixie too. – Miles

  2. Oh no…we will go visit right now.

  3. Ping told us yesterday what Gemini said about Georgia. We all hope she feels better real soon.

  4. You are a good nurse! It must be a meezer thing because I’m the nurse in our house too. I always make sure that if anyone is sick they are well watched over.


  5. How lucky she is to have you to look after her. I bet she feels safe with you nearby.

    Thank you for leaving me a message about Eddie. Mom and I appreciate it very much.

  6. Poor Georgia. Me and my humans are keeping her in my prayers. You are a great nurse and a helpful cat Chey. 🙂

  7. Did you ever see an ugly meezer?! NO! Any dress resembling a meezer would be fabulous – what a great idea!

  8. You are a good nurse!

    ¸. ಌ´ ¸.ಌ*´¨)
    (¸.ಌ´*(¸.ಌ´ Lunita)*/

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