Mr. Litterbox

I don’t know if you’ve been to Zeus‘ lately. He is now having Mr. Litterbox.  I really thought Skeezix would be a shoe in for this particular award, but Latte Meezer is giving him a run for his money. Isn’t he the most handsome cat?

We make a fine fine couple with me in my tiara and gown and he in his tux…


  1. Latte Meezer – he must be our brofurr!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He does look wonderful!!

  3. *reow Chey
    You are right. What a good picture.
    I always love a mancat in a tuxedo…course I always am dressed that way.

  4. Aw Chey, thanks for promoting me! It is sure nice to have Miss Litterbox 2007 rooting for you! I don’t know, I’m sure Skeezix is going to give me quite a run for my money. Dragonheart sure has!

  5. Latte does look very dignified and you’re a great looking couple.

  6. We’re pulling for Latte!

  7. Yes, Latte looks very handsome in that photo. I think all of the competition looks good so far though!

    Although I’m pouting at those who aren’t pulling for me. *pout* With the exception of yourself, Chey, because of course you have to pull for your boyfriend!

  8. pooh bear will be entering in the talent contest, since his mom has packed away her home computer for the move and has no photoshop. Unless someone named Chey would like to help him out. 😉

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