If you’re here and seeing this post, you have the blog that’s been moved.  It was fairly successful. Our old theme doesn’t want to run right on the new wordpress so we’ve been re-editing somethings.  At first we liked the lavendar and stuff and perhaps we’ll change the background of my photo to lavendar and then have it be very lavendar. We’re still tweaking stuff on the side.

We need to add feedburner and a few directories back in and stuff like that, but we should have all of that on backup on the old theme and can just copy and paste them over.  We’ll be playing with that. However, there is only so much computer stuff I can make the woman do at one time.

<> Happy weekend!


  1. Yeah! I’m happy you’re happy in your new blog home.

  2. Sweet! Moving sucks, but at least this kinda move doesn’t involve boxes and being locked in the car for 4 days…

  3. Look pretty good, and I can read it. Some of your older posts look a little weird ( a lot of ? at the end of sentences), but other that that it looks good. Tara

  4. Wow! THREE columns. It looks good.

  5. I like the three column layout!

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