Meezer Monday

I did it again! I got my Meezer Monday post up! I’m rockin. I love this rug. Unfortunately my human took it to work as she thought it would look good in her office. Imagine a Chinese Dragon in an acupuncture office? Cliche! I look much nicer on it.

The humans painted this weekend which required a great deal of snoopervising and it stunk. I’m glad of a break because now they are back to work and I can snooze.

Georgia continues to be wobbly but we are hoping that she will stabilize for awhile. I don’t know if she’ll get back to where she was before this latest crash but there is plenty of room for improvement. She was out and about on the Woman’s lap last night, which the Woman loved, but I was a bit miffed about…


  1. You do look gorgeous on that rug! I think your human should bring it home for you. I just love how creamy your fur is…it just makes me want to lick it!

  2. Chey, you look absolutely gorgeous on that rug! Thank you so much for your purrs and advice for LittleGirl. We believe in naturopathic medicine, too. In fact, we used to have a holistic vet (who even performed acupuncture like your mom) but she moved away. She was excellent and even cured Rocky’s yucky lifelong ear wax problem by having us give him fish oil. We’re waiting for an update now from LittleGirl’s vet.

    Lucy & the Artsy Catsy household

  3. Oh Chey, you look fabulous on the oriental rug! I am glad to hear Georgia came out!

  4. Chey, you do look lovely on that rug! Maybe your human needs to buy another one for either her office or for you.

    That’s great that Georgia was on the woman’s lap last night. šŸ™‚

  5. That is a mighty pretty rug. Sorry it got taken from you!!!

  6. You look wonderful on that rug. I am so sorry that it disappeared into your Mom’s office. I am glad to hear that Georgia is doing better and got some lap time with your Mom.

  7. That rug indeed suits you, you look magestic on it! Those darn humans….

  8. Why can’t your purrson buy you another identical rug for home? She DOES love you, doesn’t she?

  9. We agree, give the poodie the rug

  10. Chey, we heard the news that you and Latte are getting married! Best wishes to the happy couple.

    And best wishes to Georgia.


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