Meezer Monday

Well, you asked for it–me in my tiara! So here it is. Enjoy! I must admit, it does suit me, doesn’t it?

Make sure if you’re a catster member you check out my official Catster Chey for President Group! I sent out several invitations but you have to invite one cat at a time and that got rather ponderous so now I’m just announcing it here. Any cat join! As time wore on, I tried to invite one cat per household rather than making sure I invited everyone. However, that was mostly to let the maximum number of cats know about it! It’s too bad you couldn’t invite the whole household if you wanted to.


  1. That tiara looks perfect on you!

    Oh, Chey – I need yer help! I am having a Meezer identity crisis! Please stop by our bloggie and help me! (BTW – that tiara looks awesome on you).

  2. Beautiful Chey! You look lovely in your tiara. πŸ™‚ I definitely suits you. πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful Chey! You look lovely in your tiara. πŸ™‚ It definitely suits you. πŸ™‚

  4. You look gorgeous! I’m glad I got to see you in your tiara before the rest of the world. I’m so happy you started your Chey for President group, I’m sure it is going to be very active!


  5. The tiara is bee-u-ti-fullll! I bet you never want to take it off.

  6. Wow! Chey, you look gorgeous in yer tiara! It really suits you!

  7. Oh that tiara is divine, I’m WAY jealous! You look fabulous, as usual. Tara

  8. Yoo know, I’m something of a tiara connusoower, so I know wareof I speek: YOO LOOK GRATE!!!!

  9. Happy meezer monday! you look lovely in your tiara! I inbited Sammy to be in the group. – Miles

  10. Lovely tiara, Chey. I got a neckchain this weekend. Thank goodness it wasn’t a tiara. I’d look funny in one. You look beautiful in yours tho. Maybe it’s cuz you’re not a man cat.

    your bud Pepi

    Pee Ess. I joined the campaign group on catster.

  11. My, you do look lovely. You should plan to wear your tiara at your inaugural ball, but you know you’ll have to get another gown, right? You can’t be seen in the blue one again.


  12. very lovely! we just logged in to Catster and joined your group too

  13. I’m thrilled that everyone is joining the catster campaign! This is excellent!

  14. Wow yoo look sooo regal, we feel we should bow to yoo.
    We haf joined your group too.

  15. It suits you just wondefully Chey. When you have state dinners, you will always be the star.

  16. Wow..that’s all sparkly and stuff! Way cool. I will go to catster and check it out, and I’ll even join if I have to, in support of your campaign!

  17. Yes Chey that tiara suits you to a “T”!

  18. hey Chey – we made Susan get us into your caster group even tho she hasnt let us write on our diarees for a long time but we wanted in your gorup man! good luck dude seriusly! From SAM (and Lucy)

  19. Sam and Lucy, I am glad to hear that. Certainly you don’t have to do a lot of writing and right now, I just need a solid foundation base. After all, currently the election is either Obama or Clinton’s to loose!

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