Help Mu Shue Poo King Cat

I just visited Artsy Catsy’s blog for the Mu Shue Poo King Cat benefit. If you’ve managed to miss their announcement, I recommend you head over to their blog and check and see. They have some wonderful bookmarks with cats on them. Not that cats read mind you… we already know everything and have no need to read! Still, they are cute.

Edited: if you’ve tried the link, I’ve updated it as I got the note that it didn’t work.  Artsy Catsy should also be over in my blogroll list if for some reason this is a more general problem.


  1. hey Chey I think your link is sick for Artsy Catsy – I’m going to google it but I wanted to let you know. BTW Sam & Lucy said to tell you keep holding out on the diet thing! 🙂

  2. Ooops we left our comment on the wrong article, We thanks you for the info an artsycatsy and will head right over

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