Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!   We’ve shared the love.   Last Friday’s commentathon came up with  a total of 72 comments.   A couple were duplicates but because I was well under my goal of 100 comments, I just said half of that and we rounded up to $40.00 even which I deposted in the tip jar this morning.

Thanks to everyone for helping out.   In April I will be doing a commentathon for Multiple Sclerosis.   I hope you all will participate in that as well and maybe make tell others about it too!

Pepi at Hot(M)Bc entered my resolution contest and one of his resolutions was that I should be seen doing charitable works around the blogosphere.   Hmm?  Pepi–GREAT idea!


  1. you’re such a do-gooder. 🙂 good for you.

    Happy heart day. sending virtual ear scratches to you. 🙂 purrrrrrr.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day! Your commentathon was great. I am very impressed with all of the resolutions you are keeping!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂 Great job with the charitable works – I know they will be much appreciated. My mom is trying to think of something we can do to help others cat and their humans. It’s just harder when we’re in Germany and shipping to anywhere in North America is so expensive!

    I hope you and Latte have a great Valentine’s Day together. 🙂

  4. Happy Balentimes day!!!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful Cheysuli. I will be teleporting over because the weather here just stinks and the Chip Man didn’t do anything for Meowmy so she’s cranky. I need to get out of here!


  6. Happy Valentines Day!!!!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day, pretty Chey! We’re snowed in, but stayin’ warm surrounded by all the love in the kitty blogosphere 🙂

    Rocky & all the luv kitties

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day Chey 🙂 Mommy said she purromises she won’t gif away the tip and FANK YOU furry much. Pepi’s lookin all silly cuz he sez he didn’t mean us when he saided be seen doin good works round the blogosphere. hehehe We hopes yoo and Latte have a furry grate Valentime’s and yore Mommy and fambly too!
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  9. Volunteerism is a good thing! Feline Volunteerism is a great thing! 🙂 Way to get your readers involved! Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  10. Being seen doing charity work would certainly be a plus for your image, as well as benefitting those in need. As our first feline presidential candidate, we need to keep a positive spin on everything you do!

    BTW, I notice several blogs already have CATO buttons in their sidebar. We’re putting your button on ours!


  11. Happy Valentine’s Day Chey.


  13. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. Have a purry happy Valentines!

  15. Happy Late Valentine’s Day, Chey – the people were hogging the computer tonight! But my mom linked to your Cheysuli 2008 site on her blog!

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