Frootbat Friday: Xray time…

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWell here it is Friday already (or almost). I have been embarrassed by the little cat for falling off the bed and I have been hounded out of my food by the Woman. What a week!

At the very least both the Woman and the human male (who I like much better since meeting his WONDERFUL son) spent an hour or so working on figuring out how to get my blog moved. The Woman has a small site that is currently blogless so we practiced what to do to move my site. The Woman is confident she can get it moved with a minimum of hassle now that she’s done it once. Well, at least we can hope.

She has high hopes of getting the site moved this weekend sometime. She’s moving over to Blue Host. She has her personal acupuncture site there and is very impressed with their response. She signed up and minutes later she got her confirmation email with where to point her domain name. She did that. Within two hours, Blue Host had called to confirm the name she was moving and to be sure she had gotten the email. Now that’s service. She moved her personal acupuncture site because the last host hadn’t helped her with an email problem and was very rude (which according to the host was okay because she was rude when she was frustrated).

Anyway, we’ll be an addon domain there. Sometimes it can take the net up to 72 hours to resolve to a new host, so even if we get it moved as quickly as the last one, some people may find there’s a lag on their server. Don’t worry. I’ll be back.

Oh and that’s of course not really an xray. The Woman just liked the effect. She’s weird sometimes.


  1. I like the effect, too – it makes you look very mysterious and I’ll bet Latte will love it!

  2. That is a very flashy effect Chey and you look mahvelous in black or white 🙂

  3. I do love it!!! I like how your points are all different and funky and groovy and such. I hope your move goes smoothly my love!


  4. cool pikshur!!!!!

  5. That’s a very cool effect Chey! Good luck with the blog move. It sounds like the new web hosting company has excellent customer service!

  6. That picture is just a little scary. But I can tell it is really you, even though yer colors are reversed!

  7. make sure that I can still get to your blog after it’s moved!

    And ask the Woman if accupuncture hurts. I want to try it, but I’m scared. 🙂

  8. It doesn’t matter if your Mom was rude….she is the customer and should be treated well anyway.

    I think that picture is kinda cool!

  9. I posted my Valentine for you on the competition website!!! It was scary to go first but now its up!

  10. cool picture! we hope the moving goes well – sounds scary.

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