Frootbat Friday Dedicated to Robyn!

Chey SittingSo here I am sitting here thinking about how best to say how much I appreciate all that Sanjee’s Mom does. You know, she is the reason that I had to re-write my entire website?! Yes, she suggested to my human that I had more personality than my human so I should actually write the website. It’s a much better site. Of course, my paws are still recovering!

Anyway, we really do appreciate all that she does for cat blogging community and we know we can count on her to keep us informed. Certainly, if any cat has a need, she is one of the first to help out. She certainly has the pulse of the cat blogging community.

Anyway, I’d like to put a little something into her tip jar. I’m not sure how much, so I’ve decided to say that I will tip Mom Robyn $1.00 for every two comments I get. I will only count one comment from each cat (or human). If you have a common name, make sure I know which household you are from so I don’t think you’ve tried to comment twice! If I get over 100 comments, we will have to donate $50 now and then whatever is left over the 1st of March. Let everyone know that I just can’t decide and tell me what I should do!


  1. Count us in too! We’re late for the big party — gotta go!


  2. You bet we loves Robyn, she is a furry wonderful lady.

    P.S. Mum says if you want the original pictures to work with for stuff, send me an e-mail. or if you are looking for something specific. I will have mum check the archive. She only has a few thousand pictures of me. hehehe.

  3. Hi Chey! I think I may have only commented once or twice, but this is a very generous thing you are doing! Count my sister Harlie and I in!

  4. What a great thing you are doing!

  5. COMMENT!!! Heh. I’m #55. Yer gonna have to cough up a nice wad o’cash! Sweet!

  6. Hi Chey! Very nice of you. Here’s my post for Robyn Appreciation Day. We’ve also stopped by Hot(M)BC tip jar and left a little something. πŸ™‚

    I hope the WordPress blogs allow HTML in the comments field or my last sentence will look kinda messy!


  7. Hey, congrats to SanjeeÒ€ℒs Mom for the great work that she is doing for you guys..

    All the best to you guys.

  8. What a good thing you are doing. Hoping Robyn is feeling better soon. She should have her heart lifted by all the love from the kities and their humans being expressed here.

  9. Chey, this was a great idea. Good luck on your presidential run too!

    China Cat & Willow

  10. You are doing a wonderful thing, Chey. Robyn is a wonderful person and this should be a great help to her.

  11. Chey – Congratulayshuns – Latte’s valentine to yoo is a finulist in my VD Kontest!
    Heer’s ware yoo can git the code for the badge to git cats to vote for yoo in the VD Kontest:

  12. Mom Robyn is definitely feeling the love and the warm fuzzies. πŸ™‚ Thanks Chey πŸ™‚ And thanks to all of you. I’m just overwhelmed. But this kind of warm fuzzy overwhelm is a-ok. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Chey! What a wonderful thing to do. πŸ™‚ I am glad you are counting comments this weekend, since I just came back from Switzerland and saw that you were doing this for Robyn. You are a wonderful Meezer. πŸ™‚

  14. Yur getting lots of comments. Dis is reely good.

  15. We already commented, but just wanted you to know we can see your bloggy now. We are using Windows XP, but also IE7, instead of IE6. Momma says she isnt going to bother with Vista for a long time…Maybe when we need a new computer.


  16. mo’ money mo’ money. πŸ™‚

  17. This is a great idea Chey! Sorry I didn’t pay attention and comment here sooner! Anyway, so here’s my comment for momRobyn! πŸ™‚

  18. we didnt maked the party but heres owr comment

  19. Meee-yow-za!

  20. I’m leaving my comment! That makes 70!

  21. I’m throwing my thanks in!!! She is such a wonderful lady.

  22. Here’s our comment….

    We love you!

    Spirit and Ezra

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