Frootbat Friday

I know. Everyone is waiting for me in my tiara. However, I realized that you just couldn’t see my lovely frootbat ears in the tiara. So for now, only Latte and I know how gorgeous I look.

Latte was wonderful. He took me out for lobster for a congratulatory dinner. It was divine.  I love good food.  Well, I love food.  How’s that?


  1. You look lovely in that photo Chey. 😀 That afghan that you are lounging on is beautiful too!

    A lobster dinner sounds delicious. 🙂 I’m glad you and Latte had a nice time celebrating your victory. 🙂

  2. You looked magnificent in that tiara! It sparkled almost as much as your eyes do. You look so snuggly and warm in that blanket and your ears look divine. I’ll be right over to snuggle in there with you.


  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic dinner.
    Nice way to celebrate.
    I am sure you did look lovely with your tiara.

  4. Oh, I want to see you in the tiara!!!!

    Happy Frootbbat Friday!

  5. Oh, yes, da tiara wood haf ubscu, obsku, hidden yoor lovely ears. We still look forward to seeing yoo in da tiara.

  6. i absolutely love your ears. they give you so much character!

  7. That is a terrific Frootbat Friday picture of you. We love how beautiful your ears look and your fur looks very nice with all of those colors in the afghan!

  8. Chey, you are one amazing Meezer. Miss Litterbox, a presidential candicate, and yet not afraid to kick back at home and show your ears. Careful you don’t overdo the nip, though. That could get you into trouble, and the paparazzi are efurrywhere!

  9. you look furry regal!

  10. You are looking so beautiful on your plaid !

  11. Love that picture of you – you look so relaxed yet regal at the same time …

  12. We wuz going to say the same as Lux, dat yoo look furry regal in yer pichur, well we are still going to say it, yoo look furry regal in yer pichur. And concatyoolayshuns on being Miss Litterbox.

  13. Your one smart cat! Unlike that shrub we got for president now. Too bad you’re not a dog, you could relieve yourself on the shrub. Anyway, you got my vote.

  14. How beeyoutiful!! Wat a grate pikshur!

    Luf, Us

  15. Oh Chey, yoo luk soooo regul in yer tiara. It suits yoo so well. Owr lady went and saw sume guy running fur presidunt the othur day. His name was Rudy G or sumething…don’t werry were making hur vote fur yoo no mattur who yoo run against!

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