Valentine’s Day Musings

I’ve been reading about the Valentine’s Day posts here.   Tipper of the Crew was listing the couples. Now she’s got Kukka Maria with half a dozen different Toms. Is it really a couple if you have several suitors?  Really, while I admire Chase’s Charmers, is he really a couple with all of them or does he just have his own little fan club?

I’m quite happy to be a one cat cat.  In fact, I’ve sent Latte off his very own Valentine’s Day gift which he should be getting by the end of the week.   We are a dual coast couple which has it’s own challenges. I’m sure that when I move to the White House, we’ll get to see each other much more.

Of course, for those who want to do online Valentines, well Skeezix is having a contest!  I think it’s a ploy to have us wait for that Pink Pillbox Hat!  For the rest of you, well it will all be over in about two weeks…


  1. I am anti-valentines day, because I’m single and bitter. 😉

  2. I’m too young to have a Valentine (that’s what my mom says) but I’m pretty sure I’ll be a one cat cat myself.

    You and Latte make a lovely couple. 🙂

  3. Purr….I’m quite happy just to have you too my lovely Chey! I can’t wait until you’re in the White House because then we can spend so much more time together! I’m sending you a gift out too but I’m also working on a song re-write for Skeezix’s contest devoted to you.


    Chase says he loves all of his Charmers but they are free to see other man cats on the side. He says that all big Tom Cats have lots of lady friends they purr to and take care of. Not me though, I only have eyes for you!

  4. Hmmm, good point, Chey. Maybe I should make a separate list for “multi cat” or something like that.


  5. Please oh please Chey don’t scare me like that – I thought it was already VD and I’d been in a coma or something for 2 weeks! Happy to say Sam and Lucy are not in couples – it’s not fair for them to be in couples and not me – unless they’re with each other… which of course would be Pretty Sick… uh oh…

  6. My daughter isn’t in to the whole Valentine’s Day thing…the hubby, while he knows better than to ignore the day, thinks it’s something that Hallmark made up (and it would seem so) and me, well I just love candy and hearts so … I’m all for it. 🙂

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