Toy Hogs Annonymous

Although Gemini was not eligible for my contest, I have been forced by the woman to go to Toy Hogs Annonymous.  I guess I am required to do these things for the Puffy Cat whether I wish to or not…

So, as a part of my Toy Hogs Annonymous steps, I must take this moment to introduce myself, “Hello, my name is Cheysuli and I am a Toy Hog.”  I admit that I am powerless over toys, especially feather wand toys and that I can’t help myself when I must go after them and tear them apart mercilessly.  I must give this up to my higher power.   This is tough, as a cat, I AM a higher power.

So, I have taken the first step in my long journey through the 12 steps of Toy Hogs Annonymous.  I have no doubt I will be forced to make a public apology for the misery I have caused Gemini by constantly stealing her toys.  Then, I will have to look up my litters of kittens and apologize for stealing their toy mice out from under their noses–hey they were NOT playing with them, okay?!  Well, maybe a little.

I hope that being a Toy Hog will not adversely impact my campaign.  After all, Barack inhaled…


  1. Don’t worry – you’ve still got my vote, Chey!

  2. It takes a very brave cat to admit to their problems! You still have my vote too!

  3. laffin an laffin!
    u would probublee like to hog dat feather wand dat matsui currentlee haz under da bed!

  4. I think the thing with campaigns is just get the toy hog thing out in the open, like you did, and then you’ll be ok. 🙂

  5. Good strategy to admit it first, less ammo for the other side! 😉

  6. Oh that’s OK, all meezer are toy hogs! Especially for fev-vers! Whenever I have a fev-ver toy wand I go right for where they all attach and rip until the fev-vers fall out. But I’m not a toy hog- that is a honor that Kaze holds. She should seriously join Toy Hogs with you.

  7. My mom agrees with Latte – all the meezers she’s known have been toy hogs. I love feather wand toys too!

    Can German-Canadian kittens vote? If so, you still have mine.

  8. My names is Samuel Meezer, and I am a toy hog. I haf no regrets for stealing all the toys from Miles, and I refuse to ‘pologize for it eifurr. Well, maybe when I gets to that step I will fink about it again.

    I will go frough the steps wif you Chey.

  9. Wow! We felines are getting all kinds of help with our addictions! It’s a good thing I am an only cat or I would probably have to join THA as well. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step, so you are doing good Chey!

  10. Do you know how to make Mom admit she’s a Computer Hog? Is there a Computer Hog Anonymous to help her? Do you know, Chey?
    ~~ Mini

    Pee Ess. Like um… somecat said, yeah just admit it, get past it. You still get our votes. And there’s 5 of us HotMBC cats!

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